Let's not forget the warriors

From what I have searched we don’t have many posts if any at all talking about the warriors, and with how this game goes We should keep pressing the addition of some speed to the Uk tech tree .

Here is a link to all the warrior versions we could have, credit to the guy who did it


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I think when we were promised more British ‘Light Tanks’ everybody presumed they would be IFV’s which is what Britain needs (along with a whole host of other things). But due to an unfortunate turn of words we ended up with a worse Rooikat ‘light tank’ in the Vickers mk.11.

Be nice if someone could confirm specifically if Britain will be getting anymore Warriors (or IFV’s in general) in the immediate future.

I mean we’ll definitely get it at some point, the question is when. We’ve gone way too long without a new IFV or a AFV with an autocannon.

Warrior was added in September 2018, we’ve gone 5 years so far.

That’s what I mean. But we got promised more light tanks, not more IFV’s, I think that is honestly a sneaky turn of phrase given that we are receiving a worse Rooikat.

I mean IFVs in game are labeled as light tanks, I take it they mean vehicles classified as light tanks in game. Because otherwise you’d have to specify IFVs, TDs, Fire support? Like the Verdi 2 is a ifv that was turned into a tech demonstrator not meant to carry infantry, what do you call that? You get what I mean?

Yeah I get what you mean.

I just think its sneaky to use the word light tanks specifically knowing everyone presumes it’s IFV’s because that’s what Britain needs, only to give us a vehicle that we have no less than 3 better alternative options for that is not an IFV.