Lets Fix the QN-506! - A list of Bug Reports

It’s been almost a year and Gaijin has still left the QN-506 incomplete. Can we get some confirmation that the existing QN-506 Bug reports will be fixed? If anyone else has anything to add to the list, please let us know.

Turret fires STILL cant be put out and will kill the tank

Sections of the front ERA which are modeled as ERA aren’t set as ERA

Gaijin forgot to even consider the QN-506 when updating ERA protection values

“Structural Steel” not modeled

Incorrect 30mm Ammo Names

Incorrect 30mm Ammo Weight and Velocity

Issue with the Janky QN-502C locking

QN-502C could have more fire modes

Incorrect Track Modeling

The box launchers can clip through the model

Some issues I have with the QN-506

  1. S570 Loitering Munitions
    If Gaijin isn’t going to bother finishing the x4 S570 Missiles for the rear launcher, can we at least have the weight reduced further to compensate?

  2. The Reverse Speed is slower than the Type 59. (7.2km/s vs 7.5km/s)
    It weighs 6 tons less than a standard Type 59 and should have an even faster forward / reverse speed instead of slower. Having any bit of faster reverse speed would be helpful for the type of gameplay expected from the QN-506.

  3. Depression is terrible
    While there are no images of the QN-506 depressing its weapons, the box launchers definitely have more room to depress than given. Being able to depress them more than the main gun would help alot in using the QN-506 as a backline support vehicle in hilly terrain. Here is an image of it slightly depressed (probably what Gaijin used to base the depression on), this shows that the launchers can move independently from the main gun and potentially depress more than it. (More Info/Research Needed)

  4. The Commander View should be able to lock the F&F ATGMS
    What else is it good for?


I thought it did? I might be thinking of another view, but I can lock targets when viewing through binoculars. Only when it can actually get a lock though I.E enemy tank mostly exposed. You cannot fire though, you have to exit the view, but the lock remains at least.
Not sure if it matters when locking, but in binocular view I move the turret to where i’m trying to get a lock.

I’m guessing you’re new here. Bugs taking over a year or more to fix is normal.

Oh hey, still less reports then the Puma lol

I believe you can lock using the commanders view but it uses the FOV of the gunners sight. You wont be able to lock from a hull down position with only your commanders sight visible.