Let us talk about the premium problem (F-20)

As of 03.01.2024 the F-20 “Tigershark” was revealed to be a 75 USD/EUR… premium. Probably most seasoned players already know what will happen. I think it would be better for all players if we were to sign a petition limiting the “type” of players who could buy a premium.
I thought of a system where gaijin wouldn’t be allowed to put premiums into the game above 11.0-11.3, and only players above level 45-50 could purchase them or you could only get them if you finished rank IV / started rank V. This would prevent/ limit some of the base bomber/ braindead players. Because we have to say it out. Air realistic in the be range of 10.0-11.7 is just premium spam (mostly).
One will I ask what right I have about talking about this. That’s a fair question. As of right now, I finished the US airtree (I do not own the A-7 but everything else), I just started to research rank V in techtree of Japan, Russia, Sweden. I played 2080 hours of Warthunder and of that 19 days of air realistic battles (450)


You weren’t the first and you won’t be the last - doesn’t change the fact that it’s counterintuitive given the sales success Gaijin has had with premiums and the benefits they provide to the artificial grind problem.

Could the system be better designed? Feature more premiums throughout a greater BR range? Of course Gaijin could do that. However, the bell curve for a lot of these premiums was always going to settle in one BR range when considering the similarities in performance and capability.

Limiting players from buying certain packs would have the effect of artificially reducing Gaijin’s income supply - the stuff they need to keep the lights on. Just farm the newbies and enjoy the extra RP on your grind. The 16 x 16 format pretty much makes it almost impossible to carry the entire team like you used to be able to anyway.


Yes, new players should not be able to straight up buy to top teir.
Also US tech tree do not need another premium. (especially not a 12.0 one)


I would say that you are right in that “just farm the newbies” but when I’m in my tomcat B and half of the enemy team is just F-4S it’s okay. The problem starts when the other half is flanker/fulcrum. We all know the 16x16 format is not good unless you are really the strongest in the match.

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What the US needs is a new strike aircraft. I mean at this point the USSR has 5 su-25’s and we still hadn’t got an A-6/ A-10C/f-111f

Team kills are going to increase dramatically with these top tier premiums.

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(Many years in the future)

The B-1-R

For obvious joke reasons, name was changed from B-1-X to B-1-R

AKA: Coming in next year’s update.

In all serious-i-ness.
Performance indexing in the matchmaker would allow Gaijin to have its cake and cash it in too. High tier newbs can crash and burn themselves, but not the vicious cut throat deep-end throw they now experience, hopefully keeping more of them in the game and maturing into competent players.

So is rank IX coming or have Gaijin finally killed the “no top rank premiums” rule.

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“i’d rather complain about how you’re going about changing the game for the better instead of doing anything about it myself”

Tf is this then

It was always more of a guideline than a rule.

a premium and he’s requesting a tech tree

You may be right, but he did mention Russia having 5 Su-25s when there are currently only 2 TT so…

Finally somoene speaked what i thinked past 2 years that no one than less than lvl.50 should be able to buy premium vehicles i mean from brs 8.7 and higher don’t let them progress where they shouldn’t how you gaijin said we don’t want people who just joined into the game get into the top tier so fast but you just doing that by selling top tier vehicles just at the hand to those people lol.

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Replace F-14B with F-16C and farm everyone.

Stopped reading your inane posts forever lol, cya

Why tho ? Do you think the F-20 coming as a premium is not a problem (don’t get me wrong I do not have anything against the Tigershark but it being a premium, and it being !! 12.0 !!)