Let me tell you a joke

45k points a stage.

Have a good day.


Ahh, a classic comedy gold, by The Snail itself!

dude. if you kill everyone that plays with laughter how is anyone going to play?

That’s just the punchline.
The real joke goes like this:
“We’ve got some news to share with you. From now on, we’ll be using a brand-new event cycle where events will start almost consecutively and will…”

The joke is thinking 45 every 2 days is a travesty and worse then 80 or 120 every 2 days trying to get more then one and missing out.


I average 900 ~ 2,100 pts per match so approximately 30 matches or there abouts?

Not bad for casual gaming.

So around ~5 hours in 2 days. In 8-17 schedule, you’ve to commit to whole evening or spend half of your free time.

Casual gaming?

I get a match in about 3 mins max.

lasts anywhere from 8 to 22 mins… I spend more time planning the tree and sorting out SL priority as I am SL deprived despite having premium account. I’m not the best player in the game (seriously latency challenged) and I’m running 4~6 trees at one a time depending on SL and match making speed. If it exceeds 2 mins, I switch to a different BR bracket.


What was your score?

Can’t remember now… approximately 900+?

In this one, we lost

So, since it’s arcade, I think the ‘multiplier’ is .9? You’d need 33 games with 1.2k every game.

Let’s use your last game time played, which is 5:56 minutes which is far less than average, which would amount to 3 hours to get 40k score.

And that is best case scenarios.

Here’s another one