Leopard2A4M CAN's BR and ammunition change suggestion

  • BR11.3 with KE-W APFSDS
  • BR11.0 with DM43 APFSDS
  • BR11.0 with DM33 APFSDS
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Recently ,the new vehicle leopard 2A4M CAN update it’s protection, the front turret just poor 460KE, not to mention about the 300ke UFP armor, the worse one in BR11.3, it so worse that he can’t against near any APFSDS in this BR.

For a example, M1A1 AIM of BR11.3 have the same gunner thermal, similar power-to-weight ratio , better fire power (same KE-W APFSDS but AIM more faster reload), good protection (AIM’s turret near 640-700KE) than A4M, AIM just only less a commander sight。

Overall, I think all advantages of its are hard to compensate the shortcoming of worse protection in BR 11.3

the suggestion of mine:
①:The ammunition KE-W change to DM43 or DM33, Battle rating drop to BR11.0
I think it may more balance of it’s firepower, mobility, and protection in BR11.0 and bring better gameplay to players.

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I want my SL pinata weak.


I would prefer it to remain at 11.3 so it can stay with the Leo 2PL. If it really ends up being too weak, then it could be given DM53.


What’s the numbers for the 2A4M CAN vs regular 2A4? Maybe it’s still not finished or gaijin is pulling an M1 10.3 vs 11.7 M1A2 hull armour thing again.

I think you should change the voting and discussion to this. From what I’ve read Canadians actually use DM53, so it would be a historical fix. And before you say it would be unbalanced, remember that the M1A1 received the M829A1 (598mm pen) at 11.0. So, a 623mm penetration round on such a weak platform wouldn’t be so unreasonable.


Currently, the 2A4M CAN just has slightly better turret cheek armour and better side armour vs HEAT.

I’m perplexed by why people would ever vote to keep it at 11.3.
11.0 is down-tier city, stomping on a bunch of 10.0’s every game is a great way to make quick SL and RP for a premium. Meanwhile 11.3 is guaranteed to get constant 11.7 matchmaking where it’s just plain mediocre.

Could be, best to wait until the patch goes live.

Except all publicly available sources point towards that being the correct interpretation.
The M1A2 SEP v3 is the first variant that I’ve seen get concrete references to improved hull armour.

Besides, there’s no applique armour for the hull front on the 2A4M CAN, I also haven’t seen any reference material point towards the base armour being upgraded to C Technologie standard.

good idea

Well, because, as you said

This is why. No one wants their 10.0s and 10.3s to keep getting, uh. Smacked on. Especially not by some new premium that new players are buying.

Germany only has one other 11.3, so I’d prefer if it was there.

I can’t say anything haven’t tried the new update

Why not 11.3 with DM53? So we can have a, like, premium Ariete (But stronger bruh)

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Its a WIP dev server. Can we at least wait until its armor model is finished before panicking over nothing?

The armor seems unfinished yeah, but gaijin has a track record of significantly undermodelling Leo 2’s armor in the german TT, so thats not a suprise.

It having KE-W instead of DM53A1 is annoying though, and the fact they refuse to give it a spall liner despite a 2A4M CAN tanker literally providing a picture of the spall liner IN HIS TANK is WILD.

Either way, its by far one of the best looking tanks ingame imo and i plan to play it regardless of it being good or bad, the only difference thatll make is how much i grumble about it whenever the topic comes up…

But the people voting here are likely the people interested in playing the Leopard 2A4M CAN themselves.

I specially voted to keep it at 11.3 because I’m one of the people who don’t want my 10.0 lineups to be stopped by it, plus this way if I ever feel like picking it up, I can run it with my Leo 2 PL. Additionally, I still feel like the armour hasn’t been finalised yet and that it will probably be comparable to the Leo 2PL or even Leo 2A5/6/7 by the time it hits live.

Fair enough, I’m also waiting to see how the armour will be handled.

ARMOR? NO ARMOR ! 105MM DM33 that a 9.0 ammo

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when 11.3 with 280 mm armor bruh

That’s because they don’t know (or care) about the fact that there are drop in packages for those wedges which would make the turret protection much more competitive.

they do?

But 2PL also doesn’t have spall liners yet so we will see