Leopard Tanks for Germany

What about some new Leopard tanks in war thunder?

  • Leopard 2 before Leopard 2k on br 9.7 ab rb / 2k gets on 10.0 or higher.
  • Leopard 2 tvm (truppenversuchsmaschiene / prototype) after Leopard 2a5 at br 11.7 ab rb.
    -Leopard 2a6HEL (greece) after Leopard 2a6 at br 11.7 or 12.0 ab rb.
    -Leopard 2a7V at br of 12.0
    -Leopard 2a6EX after 2a6HEL and 2a7v at br of 12.0 or 12.3 ab rb.
    -Leopard 2a7+ at brb 12.3 or 12.7.

Please dont get mad, this is my opinion gaijin can add and do with the Leopards in the future.

best look at the suggestion thread, there are the named tanks and the discussion about them

We’d also badly need this addon armor for our existing tanks, to break even with the Swedes.


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Well this is the Leopard 2 TVSi would like to see at br 11.7 after leopard 2a5

This is why I hope 2A5 PSO is tech tree.

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more like after leo 2 tvs at 12.0 or so

Here is some food for thought, instead of going β€œplox gaijin add x vehicle”, why dont you go to the suggestions part of the forums, and make a post suggesting the specific vehicles you want. Also think about this, why would gaijin not add these vehicles? Eventually all these vehicles will get added, it is just a matter of time, what you should be asking is, will this vehicle be balanced? Am i a german main asking for more german vehicles so germany can continue to be the best at top teir? If all these vehicles were to be added tomorrow, would the lineup be balanced with other nations? When you can answer all those questions then you might not need to tell people to not get mad.

i did as a post for all leopards in one and it didnt got approved by mods

because you need to do for 1 vehicle at a time,