Leopard 2PSO top of the line?

I just started the updated client and found out that the Leopard 2PSO can be even penetrated by shells
ike 3BM42, which are starting to appear on vehicles as low BRed as 9.7. Which is 2 full BR brackets lower than the PSO BR of 11.7. In brawling range as well as over farther ranges.

There is nothing it has over the Leopard 2A6. In terms of firepower and agility/mobility its even inferior. Why is it considered as new top vehicle? Despite several of tons of upgrade armor panels, It has the same dysfunctional armor protection layout and brings nothing on the table which makes it somehow better, while it still retains the old, short L/44 gun of the A4/A5.


did they model it after a single picture of it with the doser blade and no hull composite blocks.

If it did its just a gaijin standard like how they modelled the Ariete AMV after the worst version from a single image

The PSO was never pictured with the add on frontal hull armour. But it was also never pictured without the dozer…

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Without dozer there seems to be something missing. You can see the carving where an armor plate should be mounted instead of the dozer blade. Looks like an armor hole, forgotten to model.

Maybe thats why. I guess Gajin forgot the frontal applique armor array when the dozer is dismounted. If so, it would be at least immune to 3BM42, but like this … its a complete butter hull, which can’t stop anything kinetic from 9.7 and higher (Rus…). Right now I don’t see why its top tree and not a sidegrade somewhere between the A4 and A5, since A5 base model feels alot less sluggish.

Yep, that was basically one of the arguments we were using to try to get the front armour in the other Leopard 2PSO thread. But Gaijin decided to not add it because “Leopard PSO was designed for urban combat, the frontage armor “beak” was not part of the PSO’s package on this particular Leopard variant” (from Smin)

Oh dear. I won’t go for it then. Guess the 400.000 RP will be done, when its randomly done. Dunno…strange update for Ger. A tank worse than the A5 at the costs of something stellar which should be better than the A6. The mod costs and RP costs are extreme, thx to this undeserved top of the line position.

@ Air Ger tree didn’t recieve any of the new generation IR missiles the other nations got.

I guess an update to forget as Ger player. Back to Baldurs Gate 3, the Moonrise Tower is waiting there.

(PS: Why do we get a tank mod for urban combat? While there is no urban combat, no infantry etc… Thx for this “interesting” mod.)

(PS2: Why isn’t the best tank at the "top of the line"position? Yes I refer to the A6…)

plz gaijin folder this crap tank with the 2A5 or remove it.
Thank you

Gaijin did not seriously treat Germany for three years of new main battle tanks. I don’t think this kind of thing will not happen in other countries.

Properly modeled western MBTs are a threat to russian bias.

Its not going to happen

get over it