Leopard 2PSO lacking? What can be done?

Whats the difference? What does the pso ingame lack and how can it be improved, as i find the pso to be underwhelming. Perhaps PSO vt, i dunno the difference?

They are totally different vehicle. PSO is based on Leopard2A6EX DEMO II and having 1630 hp engine, with L44 cannon and without frontal add-on armor.

PSO-VT is based on Leopard 2A6M and having 1500 hp engine, with L55 cannon and with frontal add-on armor.


oh ok, so my point is rather senseless. But are there things in the pso currently that could be improved? Instead of it being replaced by the pso vt, which with your explaination would make less sense?


As leopard 2 PSO concpet was to replace the turret between ‘urban orperation’ turret and Leopard 2A6 turret so maybe exchangable turret as option?

Not much as PSO is just a concept vehicle that never went into serious development for customers.

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Different vehicles with different engines and guns.
PSO has L44 and 1600 HP engine and PSO-VT has 1500 HP engine and L55

So DM53 has about 30 mm less pen with L44 than with L55 at 10 meters . Still miles ahead of what others have tho.

PSO isnt lacking in any way shape possible at top tier. Only thing it doesnt have is addon armour on the hull which is acceptable since PSO weakspots at front are small.

All top tier leopards broke the game, they all need a nerf or removed imo

68% w/r

you know this is always interesting to read
nobody complained when sweden had 2 better armored leopards 2a7v
Before the update
now germany gets a armored tank (assuming they will fix it ) and hell breaks lose

Meanwhile ru dominated for 2 years or smt ? and it was skill issue lul


the hypocrisy of these people is unmatched. Fr all of swedens top tier leos have the complete spall liner package, whereas only the leo 2a7 has recieved it for the germans. The selective application just showcases, how hostile people are against germans. While sweden has better leos and a tech tree consisting of tested vehicles.

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