Leopard 2A7V: The Ultimate Evolution

The Leopard 2A7V is one of the latest modifications of the Bundeswehr’s well-known Leopard series of tanks, featuring upgraded protection as well as other small improvements. Today we’ll be showing you the Leopard 2A7V in all its glory, which’ll be coming to War Thunder in the next major update!

Leopard 2A7V: An MBT for Germany at Rank VIII


  • Enhanced protection.
  • Deadly firepower.
  • Decent mobility, but inferior to its predecessors.
  • GEN 3 thermals.
Vehicle History

In the mid 2010s, the German government backtracked on plans to reduce the size of the armored force in the Bundeswehr. Instead, a plan was formulated with Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann, the manufacturer of the Leopard 2 MBT, to produce additional vehicles under a new and improved standard.

The Leopard 2A7V, as it became known, featured improved protection thanks to a modular armor package bolted on the front of the hull as well as improved optics and a new transmission adapted to the increased weight. The new vehicle was officially presented in October 2019 and entered service with the Bundeswehr in September 2021. Presently, all 104 Leopard 2A7Vs ordered by Germany are in active service with the Bundeswehr.

Meet the Leopard 2A7V!

The Leopard 2A7V will soon be arriving at the top rank of the German ground forces tree as the latest and most capable modification of one of the most well known Western main battle tanks. Offering you a number of very handy upgrades, the Leopard 2A7V’s capabilities have been improved even further to excel. Let’s take a look!

At a first glance, you may have come to the conclusion that the Leopard 2A7V doesn’t seem to differ much from its predecessor — on surface level, this is also true as this tank doesn't have any radical design changes. For instance, it features the lethal L/55 A1 gun, possesses advanced composite armor and is powered by an MTU 1500 HP engine. As a result, the Leopard 2A7V will still offer you much of the highly regarded mix of great protection, good mobility, and lethal firepower which pretty much defines Leopard tanks.

Download Wallpaper:

So what’s different then? Primarily, the Leopard 2A7V comes fitted with a new modular add-on armor package which reinforces its frontal section of the hull. As a result, this particularly vulnerable part is now better protected against kinetic ammunition as well as chemical rounds. In addition to this is mine protection on the underside, however these combined upgrades do come at the cost of added weight. Unlike its direct predecessor, the Leopard 2A7V’s weight rises to an impressive 66.5 tons.

Interesting: The Leopard 2A7V will be amongst some of the heaviest top-tier MBTs when it comes to the game.

With a drastic weight increase of 11% over the Leopard 2A6 as well as maintaining the same engine, this does mean a decrease in mobility. As a result, the Leopard 2A7V’s top speed reduces from the traditional 68 km/h of the Leopard 2 series to 61 km/h, which overall means getting around in this tank will be slightly worse compared to its predecessors, the Leopard 2A5 and 2A6. Remember to keep this in mind while in battle!

In your matches by Tom, Community Management Team Leader: “The 2A7 doesn’t have any hard drawbacks realistically, it hits all the key points an MBT needs to hit, and this effectively lets you do everything you need to do in order to perform well. As such there isn’t really a universal ‘correct’ way to play it, the best way to play is the way that you feel aligns best with your personal skillset. Focus on your own strengths, and the vehicle will let you maximize them as much as possible.

The Leopard 2A7V will soon join the German ground forces tree as one of its first brand new rank VIII vehicles and will become available with the release of the next major update. In the meantime, be sure to stay tuned to the news as we continue revealing what other exciting new features and additions await you. Until then, see you soon!

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the armor fixed to d tech yet? or is it still using b tech like the last dev server?


The Leopard 2A7V also received D-Tech internal composite for the frontal Hull. By all means it should be more heavily armored then any Strv 122 version. I realy hope gajin will not make the mistake of giving it worse armor versions then years older Strv122 versions


nah m8 you will keep less armor but better firepower than strv strv gets better armor worse firepower easy to understand

Ah yeah give the tank that is 20 years newer and whose whole job is to be heavier armored less armor then the Strv122 all around. Its just a ducking joke


At a first glance, you may have come to the conclusion that the Leopard 2A7V doesn’t seem to differ much from its predecessor

Probably because it doesn’t differ and Gaijin pretends the tank didn’t improve in the last few decades.

Germany continues to be a discount Sweden.


Too bad you guys forgot to actually add the improved protection…


Wake me up when we get a non-Russian tank that can actually tank a shot from the front.
Not gonna waste my time, when the entire hull is a weakspot and in turn we have to aim for pixel wide T-series tanks in a split second engagement.

This Leopard is the PUMA fiasco repeating. Artificially nerfed, all official primary and secondary sources denied.
Gaijin, wake up.


not quite right, they are acknowledged and an open internal bug list. just that it needs a comple model make over to implement everything. they just propably wont touch it until Puma with spikes

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In the DEV it’s been artificially nerfed, yes, artificially nerfed, so talking of “advanced composite armor” or “great protection” is a bit optimistic to be honest.

This vehicle was artificially nerfed and here are some points to prove it:

  • Lack of D-tech inside hull armor (offering an excellent protection of 600mm KE and 1200mm CE WITHOUT hull beak addon modules) now offering only 650mm even with the addon beak armor modules - Arificialy nerfed
  • Lack of protection of the “Advanced composite armor” modules at the beak of the tank (D-tech as well offering less protection than a Leo 2 TVM PROTOTYPE from 20 years ago and less than the STRV 122) - Arificialy nerfed
  • Lack of mobility (Yea I can understand being heavier for the armor upgrade but there´s no armor upgrade due the artificial nerf) - You lose mobility for nothing
  • Lack of modeling/protection on the turret cheeks/cannon mantlet - Arificialy nerfed
  • Missing one layer of composite armor on the turret right cheek (reported, aknowledged, labeled as fixed but still missing. Maybe it will be on the live server but not on the DEV) - Model error not solved
  • The inside hull sides ballistic protection offer less protection than the same modules from the STRV 122 (being the same, if they´re not better) - Arificialy nerfed
  • This affect al Leo 2 tanks with addon armour at the beak- Bad modeled armor for protection about the addon beak armor modules (For the ones who don´t understand what i am talking about: Gaijin.net // Issues) - Arificialy nerfed/Bad model nerfing/Aknowledged for ever
  • No Spall Liner (no need more comments) - Artificially Nerf/Adding first to the same nation as ever

Even the reports with primary and secondary OFFICIAL and REAL sources has been denied by who know why

And there´s not all but i have no more time to write

So yeah I think saying this:

Is a bit optimistic

GG Gaijin, you´re the only who can screw his own game to keep the table balanced to one side
If this tank sees live server on this state, im leaving the game, for me it is a big insult to the community (especially the people who love the L2 family tanks)

P.S: Other NATO/Western tanks are not mentioned on this post due the topic of this thread


these artificial nerfs are absolutely disgusting, Gaijin you’re beyond shameless


Gaijin, either nerf every the armor of every tank in the game and create gameplay that revolves around first-shooter-wins principle, or give every tank its realistic armor and create gameplay revolving around a weakspot-shooting principle. But don’t mix the two. Otherwise you’ll just keep getting flak from the community, as usual.


Finally an L/55 gun I can say is beautiful without any doubt.
Best MBT in game for sure.

Leopard 2 PSO : episode 2


Please put the PSO behind the Leo 2k into the Import/Prototype line and the Leo 2A7V behind the A5/A6 as it should be.


lol Imagine calling Strv 122/2A7V [of which 2A7V is superior] equivalent to PSO…

Hes talking about the artifical nerfs to its composite, gaijian not using primary sources and so many missing features. Not the actual performnace of the tank (If gaijian keeps nerfing it it might end up like it tho)


If Abrams will get its armor, there is no reason why the Leopard 2A7V can’t get his armor.

Ultimate evolution??? its more like ultimate DEvolution

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Lmao, they didn’t even give it the armor, where’s the evolution?