Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

The Leos model is a mess all around anyways?
On the 2A5 the turret clips into the engine deck when turned backwards, on the 2A4 is clips into parts of the hull on the side

That’s not saying much though.

1/35 scale models are meant to be as accurate as possible, whilst video game models have to compromise on fidelity.

On the contrary, plastic or any other models of equipment sold in a store should be less accurate in terms of details than in projects when the company works directly with official documentation for this equipment.

Taking into account the fact, that bug reports have already been compiled many times indicating these details

This shows a fundamental misunderstanding about this topic on your part.

Any of my 1/35 scale kits are vastly more accurate and detailed than their War Thunder counterparts, this is partially because these kits aren’t constricted by polygon count nor optimisation efforts.

Video game clipping issues obviously aren’t found in scale models either.

Subject matter experts, museum visits, 3D scans, comprehensive source material references, etc. it’s all used in the development of scale models, especially with the better brands out there (Tamiya, Eduard, MiniArt, Dragon, etc).

You are talking about the external component, and I am talking about the internal. This is discussed in this thread

I don’t think that the appearance will somehow help the simulated armor protection of the tank

Boy, what a shocker! Scale models don’t model composite armor values?!

Please read replies within their context next time.

Well, since you are so smart, show on the model the thickness of the internal front armor and its characteristics of resistance to known ammunition)

Firstly, I asked you to read replies within their context, you clearly didn’t do that.
So once again: Go read the context, please.

Secondly, I’m saying that scale models are more accurate visually than in-game 3D models.

It also seems I need to clarify what is sarcasm and what isn’t.

The sarcasm is that you fail to grasp the connection between the fact that the appearance of the model and the interior of the project are completely different things.

For a company like Tamiya, external details are important. And for a project like War Thunder, internal parts are important, such as armor protection performance metrics, which will not be visible in any way in this model. To be honest, it’s unlikely that you’ll even understand this with this kind of thinking

No kidding!
It’s almost as if that’s exactly what I’ve been saying this whole time.

Anyways, I’m either being trolled, or I’m talking to a brick wall, in any case I’m outta here.

I called this Gaijin’s incompetent

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İ saw a video last night and apperently Obj292 can penetrate Leo2A7V’s arrowhead even if they still intact, its amazing to see how other Leopards are basically immune to that shell while wedges are in intact but 2A7V gets butchered easily.

Level of incompetence is so high on Gaijin HQ.


I think you mean that one ?

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While Strv122 UFP can take it like 152 are nothing to it

It does though? We’re talking about basic geometrical accuracy of the model, whether it has all the finer details is irrelevant.

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Model kits (good quality brands anyways) are generally extremely accurate when it comes to those aspects, I’d bet more accurate than any video game models out there.

Yup this one.

Generally WT’s 2A6s model is up there with my 1:35 Tamiya model, apart from lacking finer details (and generally being of “lower resolution”). The basic geometrical accuracy of both is on par for the most part… 2A7Vs on the other hand… yea, that one’s wrong all over when I’m comparing it to schematics of a plastic model, turret ring being completely off-position, neck guard being way too small etc.

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As it should be considering thats the main selling point of Add-on Armor on Leopard2 families, somehow 2A7V cant despite bein a new and better tank…

Keep in mind that Tamiya mold is 23 years old too.

And to be fair, War Thunder still has the best 3D models I’ve seen in any game centered around armoured vehicles, but there’s still a lot of errors that creep in.