Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

Like we said before the 2A7V armor model has an insane ammount of armor holes due to the Bad new model of it, and yes it was always like that since it came out

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but its even on the 2a6 and that one is here for ages xD
well not 560 but 620 not that much better but well

The one in the 2A6 is cuz they never fixed that one lol, real gaijin momento

that just gave me hope /s
Guess back to abusing vidar and unlocking the “better german” tree xD

This is what happen when you outsource your modelling department to a Bangalore based chopshop.

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If that were the case, Leclercs would have a 5 second reload and Type 10s would have a 3 second reload.

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3.2 sec reload those Tenths of a second make a difference

Also yes gaijin has just recently started to use kind of ideal reloads but even so they never use them for some exceptions

4 seconds for the Leclerc actually

2 actually


totally no cap bro

That’s a bit of stretch lol.

Make it 1

@Smin1080p Sorry for the ping… but, any update on Leopard 2A7Vs armour rework & model correction?


Call me a pessimist, but I’m surprised people actually believe the armor is going to be fixed (in it’s entirety).

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We’re on that grade A premium grass fed copium…

Model correction?
Not happening mate, at best the hitbox will be adjusted like on the T26E5

“We believe the model is totally and entirely correct to how it is in real life and will not be making any changes.”

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