Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

Yes? That is unknown, correct. We have data on Attica-GL, but due to data of TPK-K being hard to come by, basically everything is true until proven false.

I don’t get what’s your point? I showed image resolution for ATTICA

Are you having a problem understanding what I’m saying?

  • there’s data on ATTICA
  • but there’s little data on TPK-K
  • as such everything about TPK-K is true until proven otherwise

It’s simple, no?

You asked

I answered

You started arguing

I only answered that there is a point that it can be higher, that’s all. I wasn’t arguing is it or is not.

Lad, you’re just repeating everything I said there, but with extra steps. I’m not arguing either (or maybe you view this differently, I dunno), it’s a simple statement that was and still is self-explanatory; no precise data - > use whatever is available.

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I have my own issues with bug reports and armor choosing of course.

To address your post though, there are internal reports for T-80BVM’s thermal generation [stated by one of the staff members either on the forums or the bug report site].
There are a lot of investigations and changes planned for a whole host of things.
Including “nerfs” to T-series vertical gun laying.
Doesn’t sound like double standards.

Oh, I have an answer to this.
“War Thunder ties zoom to FOV.” in relation to a bug report I made involving a 21 degree FOV 8x zoom.
Which probably means War Thunder needs picture-in-picture optics like Tarkov as an example.

So uh, what did I miss today huh?

A lot, i made Mahiwew shut up for once so that was fun.

Smin stated once again as well that argentinia is for the time beimg gonna be placed in the germany. If you specialy mean for the leopard, not as much besides the propable zoom nerf coming




Have a good night :D

Was it always like that ? …


Like we said before the 2A7V armor model has an insane ammount of armor holes due to the Bad new model of it, and yes it was always like that since it came out

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but its even on the 2a6 and that one is here for ages xD
well not 560 but 620 not that much better but well

The one in the 2A6 is cuz they never fixed that one lol, real gaijin momento

that just gave me hope /s
Guess back to abusing vidar and unlocking the “better german” tree xD

This is what happen when you outsource your modelling department to a Bangalore based chopshop.

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If that were the case, Leclercs would have a 5 second reload and Type 10s would have a 3 second reload.

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3.2 sec reload those Tenths of a second make a difference