Leopard 2A7V discussion & bugs

İ was reffering to that actually, i remember those incidents, not exact details but point is still stands.

matrix resolution is 754×576
PNM-T resolution is 640×512 pixels

wow and still no fixes for one of the most Modern Tanks ingame

Oh sorry, TPK-K is name of thermal channel

Which is even more funny considering M1 family gained significant amount of weight over the years, while gaijin keep claiming torsion bar and suspension cannot handle extra weight(Meanwhile official sources states both of them got upgraded) i wonder how SEPv2’s torsion bar and suspension handles those extra weights that adds to tanks overall protection basically nothing.

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You are comparing 2nd gen linear Sofradir 288x4 to 3rd gen 640x512 FEM18M-03. Do you know ATTICA is 640x512 too?

I believe it uses PNM-T but im not sure

dont forget its still missing the Cage on the Exhaust but we got the weight for the Full Tusk kit same for the PSO which has the full weight of the addon kit while it has the dozer

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TPK-K is thermal channel for Sosna-U and PNM-T (and I forgot name for T-90M panoramic sight) sights.

That’s the amount of detector elements, not Attica’s actual output.

640x512 is also amount of detectors for PNM-T, there is no info on PNM-T output perfomance.

You sure? Why not provide a coupl of sources so we can analyze :)

for what i could find 1280 x 1024 that’s attica altough it says Attica M-ER


Right, and PNM-T now, like I asked?

(What’s the source of that table anyways).


There is no data for PNM-T sight. Only that it can be fitted with TPK-K thermal channel with 640x512 matrix.


matrix = resolution per this (this isn’t uncommon, especially since there’s no point in increasing resolution if your screen is small), it’s not much, but better than “there is no data”.

About 300 3rd gen FEM18M-03 matrixes a year were produced since 2018.
You can see its purchases for 2018-2019 here

TPK-K may use µscanner to improve image, but that’s unknown.