Leopard 2A4

Is there a chance that Leo2A4 will go to 11.0?

l2p issue

If Gaijin implemented a new Leopard 2A4 C technologie /w DM33 as a IPM1/T-80UM/Type 90 counterpart at 11.0, I’d love that.


Why should it?

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hell nah

lol what

Le skill issue bro

? why would it

I think the performance will get better when Leo 2’s information is released

Leo 2 its already accurate its using DM23 armor its almost 100% accurate except for breach idk what “information” are you talking about

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the leopard series is the tank series which has the most information released from all western mbts
This is thanks to it being the best/ most exported western mbt
There is a lot of different version of leopards once with better internal and better ammo of the 2a4 standard. but those would be additional vehicles with higher br. The current leopard is good where it is

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