Leopard 2A4 being loaded with DM53A1

Gaijin adding that to 2A4’s in game when?

Why would they? 10.3 is a superior BR for the tank.
It’s been known DM63 can be fired in L2A4s forever.
It’s only DM73 that’s L/55 restricted.


Man, at this point, it feels like you’re an AI

Leopard 2A4C with ability to fire DM53 and also a better armor on slightly better BR would be nice.

More Leopards are always better

Or AI is modeled after the people that make them, which tend to be rather literal people.
An 11.3 2A4 would be weird tho.

“Hey since the 17 pounder gets APDS why can’t I put APDS in my Archer”

So which employee of Gaijin you’re based off on?

It could be 11.0 or 10.7

Ariete is 11.7 with the same round, and less armor.
Also, calling people AI is stupid.

The fact that Ariete is 11.7 is embarrassing, not an example or argument anybody should use

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I don’t think this round was ever serviced with the Bundeswehr on the 2A4, perhaps we can see it whenever we get a Ukrainian 2A4 if ever.

that’s basically m829a2 at 10.7 that’s a funny joke i honestly think its fine how it is they could give it dm 33 and put it at 10.7 i think that would be fine

A firepower upgrade could be nice but not that far at most DM33 and then uptier it to 10.7 and at the same time move the T-90A to 11.0

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Leopard2PL, Leopard C2A1

Am I missing something?

i don’t understand what this is suppose to be hinting at

Think he means 2PL is an upgraded Leo2A4 so its a diffrent vehicle and is more modern.

Dont know what he means about C2A1 though as that uses a 105mm is i remember correctly

Tanks not serviced by Germany in a game in germany lineup

Depends on who you ask, the Ukrainian 2A4 in game probably wouldn’t even go to the German tree.

Germany still used DM43 & 105 DM33 in their tanks…

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what are you talking about is 3 quite good tanks not enough why would you want the 2a4 at 11.3 just for the sake of a backup

Germany has 2 tanks at top tier that aren’t premium or squadron.
USA has 5 tanks
Soviets have 3 tanks

Also Germany has gap between 10.3 and 11.7, which could be filled by this.