Leopard 2A4 ASPIS

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Leopard 2A4 ASPIS-NG

Let’s start by saying, welcome to the Leopard 2A4 ASPIS-NG, a modification made by the Greek company EODH as an option for the 2A4s we currently possess.

To start it all off I would like to begin with armaments;
Main gun: 120mm L/44 cannon
Machine gun (Coaxial): 7.62mm MG3A1 200 rounds in one belt with the ability to add another MG3A1 ontop of the turret like other Leopards for example
Elevation/Depression: -9 & +20
Smoke launchers: 16 grenades in total with the ability to launch it 8 times
Ammunition storage: 42 shells in total including every storage
Engine: MB 873 KA-501 with 1500hp of raw engine power
Top speed: 72 km/h
Reverse speed: 31 km/h

This Greek Leopard 2A4 at the DEFEA 2023 Defense Exhibition held in Athens this year presented a project from EODH a Greek defense company who has made several different projects except this time a prototype of a Leopard 2A4 upgrade featuring an ERA named ‘’ASPIS-NG’’ (Advanced Shielding Platform Integrated System - Next Generation) as seen in the picture below.
The Front of the vehicle in the showcase with the name

It is a system and next generation hybrid upgrade which would provide Greek 2A4s with an effective but simple and cheap temporary upgrade furthering the life service of the main battle tank, it consists of 3 different protection types which are as follow Active, Passive, and Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA for short) where the latter was placed on the upper front plate, turret front and turret sides, the big upside to the ERA protection is that it can be replaced on the battlefield without any big issues.
It also has incorporated an innovate ‘’spoofing’’ system which was developed with an Israeli company, it’s a system that should provide false coordinates to an enemy UAV causing the UAV to lose it’s lock/orientation and strike the wrong place thus eliminating some possibilities from UAV warfare to strike the upgraded vehicle accurately.

In addition to all that EODH has also put emphasis on protecting the vehicle from different munitions such as loitering munitions & anti-tank missiles which have the top attack ability by placing a form of APS on the top and on the sides of the cage which can be described as tiles that work together with radar sensors which would help said APS explode as soon as the enemy threat is close enough to the tank thus eliminating said threat.
Below you can see said plates on the turret;

Below you will have a spoiler with even more pictures showcasing most if not all angles of the tank with the ‘’APS Plates’’ that are supposed to be integrated with radar sensors


Picture of what the Concept looks like on Paper



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+1 would love to see unique greek upgrade in-game one day!

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I’d like to see this and more greek vehicles added +1.

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Awesome! Would love to see this added

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Same here, would be awesome as a filler to Italy as a medi nation together with Spain or in Germany where it probably will go sadly but being added to the game with one of our first actual domestic upgrades for a tank would be amazing either way for sure!

Would be a great German Squadron

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Really nice post! Would love to see it in game. I really like the design and the different layers of protection.

Can you tell me how does the “spoofing” work, and how much protection does the ERA give?
Ofcourse, if the information is available.

I guess Leopard 2A4 ASPIS from Greek maybe as part of the Yugoslavian/Balkan Tech Tree

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That could also be a good idea I think yeah

The florks are happy today! I’d love yo have a Leo with ERA. +1

Would be really cool to see as a german squadron vehicle! :)

Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.

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