Leopard 2 reload is way too longer than in real life (almost twice as long)

Leopard 2’s relaoding speed in game is from 7.8 seconds to 6.0 seconds. There’s a video uploaded to youtube showing a loader loading 5 shells into the gun, the speeds were: 5.05, 3.2, 3.93, 4.05, 4.78; The first reload was longer than the rest of the reloads but even though it was longer than them it was still shorter than the fastest time you can reload in War Thunder. The average reload time of these 5 is 4.202 seconds and if we do not include the first one, the average time of the other 4 will be 3.99. Now if you look at the reload speeds individually you can see the reload got as fast as 3.2 seconds which is almost half the time you can reload in War Thunder! And furthermore this gun with some differences is license produced and used in Abrams tanks and has a faster reload rate of 5.0 seconds. It would be cool to see an expert or ace loader in War Thunder actually be more like an expert or ace in real life instead of just being as fast as an average person with two hands.

Here’s the link to the video: https://youtu.be/HO2HoWW-ULc

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Reload is done for balance no ammount of videos will change that


one must imagine ariete have a better reload


You do realize that the reason the Leopard 2’s reload rate is the way it is the same reason the Abrams reload speed is the way it is in-game. Because of the fact it’s a manual loader the reload time can vary which allows gaijin to vary the reload speeds easily if they need to limit them for balancing, and to be perfectly honest even if you were to try submit a bug report so gaijin would reduce the reload speed, for one they wouldn’t accept any of them outside the very first one, the reason being that the reload process of both the Abrams and Leopard 2 in-game is under the idea still that it represents what it would be in the vehicle for actual combat which means that includes the blast door opening and closing and not remaining open, and keeping it open does influence the time needed to reload a round. This is also not to mention they won’t give a vehicle its fastest reload speed because of what a single crew might have achieved, as said before may not have occurred under conditions which would simulate them in actual combat (with the blast door being used) and it may not represent the practical or average reload speed on Leopard 2’s simply put because you have an individual person reloading it and not an autoloader meaning it’s not going to be as consistent since every loader isn’t going to be the same.

The Leopard 2’s are still some of it not the best MBT’s in the game, not a single one needs a reload buff, they have very good armor, good mobility (not the best but not the worse), the best guns in the game, and what you are suggesting is to make them even more powerful by giving them a far better reload speed. The reason the 120mm Abrams got them is because of the fact that American players perform so poorly that gaijin finally choose to give them a faster reload, by comparison German players at top tier are the opposite and perform much better by comparison and by all accounts do not need a reload buff let alone deserve one (same applies to Sweden). This is also not to mention gaijin does this same balancing for autoloaders, in particular such as the Type 10 which its IRL reload speed can vary but is still able to be more consistent than a manual loader, however despite having a reload rate of 4 seconds in the game their is very much video evidence showing the Type 10 is capable of reloading in less time than that (which gaijin is aware about and won’t implement unless they need a buff which is very reasonable given its current reload speed already).


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I thought battle rating was for that purpose. Oh I forgot germany has 4 leopards with the same battle rating (the last rating possible in ground battles aka 11.7) in a row which still makes me wonder how is Leopard 2A5 equal to Leopard 2A7V that have the same battle rating. This game is just treating Leopard 2’s unfair and that’s a fact.

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It is just the way Leopard 2’s are in real life. And the reason why they were chosen by the Swedish over the rest of tanks. And even if we consider the battle scenario with the door opening and closing we’ll get a reload rate of 5 seconds which was achieved in the first reload where he waited for the door to open and why would one just totally manipulate a tank’s feature when they can do it by adjusting their battle rating. And what an adjust they have done stacking up 4 Leopard 2’s in a row to the last battle rating possible. I don’t think something like a 2A5 would be balanced in 11.7 with 6 seconds reload against the latest Abrams with more pen and faster reload

No their not calm down German main


of course it doesnt, L2A7V has same BR as Ariete


They are clearly on the same level/s

Ah yeah, we sure do love reloading simulations that in no way reflect combat performance and go well beyond regulation.

7.8 seconds translates to 6.3 seconds with expert crew. Among the fastest reloading main guns in the game.

Its out reloaded by:
T-80 series (i think? Idk if its 6.0 or 6.5 sec)
All Abrams variants
Type 10

I’m sure there are more, but i cant check rn
So, at a minimum, 4(±1) countries have better reloads, leaving the leopards far from “one of the best” reload rates

Reload’s is soft stat they can use for balancing. While BR is a hard stat.

T-80U is 6.5 seconds, 0.2 slower than Leopard 2 with expert crew, and 0.5 seconds slower when Leopard 2 is aced.

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Alr, sorry, i honestly did not remember the T-80’s reload.

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Dont make me tap the “reload speed is purely a balancing factor” sign again

While i agree the reload speed is used as balancing factor, the whole process with blast doors is pretty much automatic, loader just hits the button, same as abrams.

One has button you can press with shoulder, other you can press with knee so you have sour hands free to handle the shell, but cant remember which one is which, its been a while since ive been inside both.

I know the abrams and I believe the leopards as well will not let the gun fire if the blast door is still open which imposes a theoretical minimum time on the reload