Leopard 2 PSO, and how badly it's modelled

Long story short, the heavy MEXAS-H add-on on the PSO is completely worthless - i’ve run a series of tests between it, a Leopard 2A6 & 2A5, and the Strv 122, the results are pretty telling.

2A6 test:


PSO tests:


Strv 122 (same add-on armour btw!) tests:


2A5 tests:


Needless to say, Gaijin completely butchered this MBT’s additional KE protection - in such a way that it’s actually performing significantly worse in that regard than the Leopard 2A6 & 2A5 (with no additional protection) and the Strv 122 (with the same additional protective modules…).

I reported this issue 3 weeks ago, back when the first dev server was still open - nothing has been done about the report, no comment from any moderator etc.

With that in mind, @Smin1080p - Gaijin.net // Issues


End of the line + 400,000 RP for research + 480,000 RP for modifications = Joke of a leopard 2.
I bet it’s just placed as an RP wall for the next leopard after. It’s ridiculous that a leopard with more frontal armour performs worse than a leopard without.

Anyway, here is a bunch of other unfixed/unacknowledged bug reports from the old PSO thread:

Leopard 2 PSO decoration collision - acknowledged

Leopard 2 PSO track textures aren’t alligned with the damage model - acknowledged

Leopard 2 PSO Coaxial and mounted gun Getting stuck or not firing - acknowledged

Leopard 2 PSO having old/bugged turret armor model

Leopard 2 PSO skipping 9th gear


The PSO is a joke of a tank, I am currently not focusing on it.

Something can’t be right, It cant take any shot without beeing seriously penetrated. For a 2023 War Thunder addition really lame. I expected it to be a bit like the Leopards Sweden got. Its also significantly less mobile/agile than a A5 or A6.

Even 3BM42 kills you frontally. This should have been an event tank or something. The swedish tanks are so good and this one takes nothing. Its similar to the Leopard 2AV, something we don’t really need and which is worse than the official service tanks, A4 in this case. Perfect event vehicle. Super lame TT addition.

Gajin could be at least that fair and remove it from this idiotic top of the line position. Its clearly not better than the A5, not to speak about the A6.

Some more info from the tests:

The PSO modules on the Leopard 2 fall off after a single hit from a CE projectile, PSO modules on an Ariete don’t fall off at all.

Additionally, Ariete’s PSO modules all protect against 300mm of CE penetration (RPG-7), on the Leopard 2 only the thicker ones do so.

Honestly? The devs are doing this on purpose. They made Leo 2s PSO modules weaker than Ariete’s…


Additionally PSO’s turret modules only have a 0.6x CE modifier based on the datamine - but of course, WE CAN’T REPORT IT because Gaijin doesn’t like it when we use the datamine (and only because it shows what bullshit they are up to).

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@Smin1080p How long do we have to wait until all of this might be fixed?

Not only did the devs butcher the PSO, they made sure it has worse armour than the normal Leopard 2A5 - in fact, they made sure the PSO add-on armour CAN FALL OFF, whereas Ariete’s PSO armour CAN NOT fall off due to them lacking an “hp” line of code, they also made sure that Leopard 2’s PSO modules are worse than Ariete’s PSO modules.

Can you even tell us why the devs don’t accept reports based on the datamine? A real reason at that.


Are we getting the W?


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link of the report?


Anddd another issue reported.

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bruh… how did we miss this…


So, 2 unfair things happened when I played with this tank. First, a WZ1001(E) LCT, a Chinese MBT, killed me through the frontal cheek turret from 800m away using APFSDS. They have no such round with 800+mm pen even on point blank. Second, a BMP-2M killed me using it’s auto cannon through a dead ZT3A2 and then went through my heavily angled add-on kit with 450+mm of effective protection. Gaijin always put their best efforts on Russian vehicles but feels intentionally lackluster when it comes to other countries especially Germany and UK.

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