Leopard 2 Laser Warning System

This is a discussion to obtain some information, then, I have some difficulty finding whether the Leopard 2 and Swedish 122 tanks etc. used or use the laser warning system.
In the game they don’t use the system, right? Maybe I had an oversight, but why, in case it wasn’t used, they weren’t equipped with it?

I don’t think any of the leos in game ever used LWS

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They just weren’t needed at the time but Germany at least did/is equipping some with them as part of a APS.

there are packages for it but right now no Leo 2 or 122 fields LWS. If people claim they do look into the barrel since it most probably has a camera in it and they probably are referencing the AGDUS( Tank lasertech system)

It seems quite ironic that Germany doesn’t have a laser alert on leopards, is it just me who thinks this? Why didn’t he equip them, because they thought they weren’t needed or what?
I thought I read a news story that said the Leopard 2a7 and 2a8 have laser alert, is that bullshit?

The Eurotrophy hard-kill APS that has been demonstrated on the 2A7A1 and will apparently be part of 2A8 has an Elbit LWS

MUSS soft-kill APS that includes a Hensoldt MILDS LWS was demonstrated on a Leopard 2A5 in 2006. But it was a one-off demonstrator, not normal equipment for 2A5/2A6

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Oh, perfect, thank you all for clarifying the situation for me and explaining a few things