Leopard 2 Early - 2A0 - 2A1 - 2A2 - 2A3

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Hello everybody!!
Greetings from Brazil!
Well, I have seen a lot of premium vehicles in rank 10.0
But the German tree has no premium options in 10.0
There are very interesting versions of Leopard 2.

It’s the same Leopard 2 AV that we already have in the game, but with a 120mm cannon.

Leopard 2A0

Note: First series manufactured Leopard 2 from 1979

Crew: 4
Weight: 55t
Length: 9.67m
Width: 3.75m
Height: 2.99m
Max. Speed: 68km/h
Engine: 1x MB 873 Ka-501 1500hp
Armor: —
Armament: 1x Rheinmetall 120mm L/44
MG’s: 1x MG3, 1x MG3A1


This picture shows a Leopard 2A1 of the 3rd production batch, which can be recognised by the new larger cover for the NBC protection system – while still fitted with SEM 25/SEM 35 radios, recognisable by the antennae bases, it already features the Fleckentarnanstrich (FTA) camouflage scheme introduced in 1984 and subsequently applied to all vehicles

Leopard 2A0

We have at least four leopard variants before the 2A4
And I think they would be great 10.0

cool but put this into suggestions?

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My English is not very good, I use a translator, I think it would be better for someone who speaks the language to make the suggestion

I’d personally be more interested in Gaijin adding the Leopard 2A4 C technologie /w DM33 instead of a Leopard 2 that is extremely close in performance to the existing Leopard 2A4 or Leopard 2AV.

+1 from me, it will be a nice addition for anyone who just want something new, would be more suitable at 10.0-10.3

  • I think we should add the very first batch of Leopard 2A0 with no thermal at 10.

First 300 Leopard 2A0 with Pzb 200 FCS (first image), all of them got upgraded to Leopard 2A1 (second image) standard and called Leopard 2A2

  • Then we can have Leopard 2A3, sit in the folder before 2A4 (if they lazy, just copy the model of 2A4 but minor tweak with the small “mirrors” in the tip of the barrel for the FCS)

  • Wish they adding the 6th batch Leopard 2A4 with the improve armor from the production number 11063 - 11117 (KMW/Rheinmetall) and 20893 - 20937 (from Mak), 10.7 is fine but 10.3 is better since that improvement can not protect again 3BM42 anyway.


one does not cancel the other, we can have both options

If there was a 2A4 model with better ammunition, it would be interesting in 10.7

Gaijin won’t release 2-3 Leopard 2A4’s at once.

But at no point did I expect them all to be released together.
If they release 1, I would be satisfied.

suggestion backup:

Leopard 2A1

Hello everyone, greetings from Brazil!
In the same way we have a suggestion of Leopard 2A4 from the end of its production. I thought it would be interesting to have something before its production, don’t you think?
Maybe a 10.0 and event, or even in the main tree.
Well the fact is that I have already been studying a little about the predecessors of the 2A4, and as everyone can imagine, we have the 2A0, the 2A1, the 2A2 and the 2A3
But as I can’t focus on everyone, I decided to focus on the most produced.

The Leopard 2A1 had 750 units produced,

And here we see the differences between the 2A1 and the other models

From: Leopard 2 : NATO’s first line of defence, 1979-2020

From: Leopard 2 ein spitzenprodukte deutsche waffentechnik

Source 1: Bundeswehr Leopard 2 MBT At 40 ~ Part 3 | Joint Forces News

Source 2: The German Leopard 2 Tank - TankNutDave.com

A video that shows everything in detail from 2A0 to 2A4 is this one.
It is in French, but translated subtitles can be used.

When the first Leopard 2A1s left the factory in 1982, the DM23 ammunition had not yet been created.
So I think it would be interesting to keep it in 10.0 with just the DM13.
Maintaining Leopard 2A4 with DM23 in 10.3

I hope that you like the suggestion

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Very nice some very early Leopard 2s would be nice

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The 2A0 without thermals would be great for 10.0 or the PT20/T20 :)


I’ve been trying to make the suggestion for at least 3 days and I can’t.

2a4 with dm33 would be cool at 10.7

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We already have this suggestion

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I think, tanks like the panzer 87-140 should get added as premium or event vehiecle. But thet leo 2av with 120mm would be interesting too

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