Leopard 2 and its prototypes - Inaccuracies and Discussion

Also here just threw the full page through a translator cause why not
Granted some parts are a little hard to read but it’s clear enough

Get it bug reported mate, link it and we’ll see how it goes

I am pretty sure the “Richt- u. Stabillisierungsanlage” is the stabilizer. So every tank with the exception of the AV and PT have one.

2K (T.11) has the secondarily stabilized EMES 12, T.14(mod) the primary stabilized EMES 13…

Difference between the two being that with the EMES 12 the gun is stabilized and the sight follows the gun, while with EMES 13 and later, its the sight that is stabilized and the gun follows the sight

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Post updated.


Is there any chance that Leo2K would get thermals back? Someone made a bug report?

i hope someone did… otherwise we will have to try again


what the hell is that, a skyranger turret on a leopard 2a4 chassis? where is that picture from? <.<


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seems like others are saying it might even be a skyranger 35. Definitly a funky great addition for war thunder at some point.
This version definitly would be germanys autocannon tank destroyer lol

yeah its a skyranger 35 turret

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Freedom needs Enablers: Rheinmetall at Eurosatory 2024 | Rheinmetall
will be shown at Eurosatory 2024

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New rocket artillery
Multiple skyranger variants
Kf41 120mm
And the new Kf51 on leo 2a4 tech demonstrator

A lot of different bangers rheinmetall is cooking again

And they are all will be in different trees, not in German

Italy might get the KF51 as 2A8IT negotiations have reportedly stalled completely and there’s some rumours that they’re considering the KF51 instead (rheinmetall is seperate from KNDS which KMW is apart of)

The big question is what knds is cooking up and what we will see from them

i feel like KMW got neutered when KNDS was formed

so do I

@MBDA_Meteor I want apologies lol

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