Leopard 2 A-RC 3.0. getting into the next generation

-1 temporarily. Dont think any new quite ready for a 5 second auto loading DM73 just yet. When similar vehicles in terms of capabilities are added, then yes it would a make a welcome addition. It just seems a bit too modern, and a bit too powerful. Eventually it can come… just not yet…

there is no such thing as temporary support. not with the vote at least.
the game is always evolving. this vehicle will not be added tomorrow. Gaijin is not adding things that make a huge gap right away. Besides it takes 3-4 months to create an in-game model. This tank could be added in a year or so. by not only this tank will be added along with other MBTs to face it, but also there would be a full line-up to support it. who knows, maybe the Typhoon, Leopard 2A8, and the KF-51 would be in the game

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I simply just didn’t leave a vote (due to the fact passed suggestion have their votes locked, and not being able to change it back in the future is a problem), but still left my opinion in case others were interested in it or agreed with it. And yes by that time it could be ready for the game, but I have a feeling we still have quite some time before those things are added. Hell, we skipped quite the number of Leo’s to get straight to the Leo 2A7. However, well yeah it’s gaijin, if it does happen wouldn’t surprise me.

I proved to you that spikes were used with pointing out the exact launcher being used on rct 120 and i showed how the ARC 30 specialy was named on the leclerc evolution and embt.
How is that not considered prove?

It was a German-French company, but the project was done by the Germans themselves, with no French involvement


Massive +1

I am still not sure what the 3 shots in 10 seconds means, does it have a ready rack’ish system for first 3 rounds can be shot in 10 seconds or is the fire rate just stated weird as 3 shots per 10 seconds so 18 shots a min.

the tank only got a total of like 20 rounds, the turrets unmanned. So it just means a reload rate of 3.3 seconds

it also depends on how you start counting.
it could be with the gun empty which means a fire rate of 18 rpm
or with the first round already loaded which means they start to count at the first shot and stop at the last shot. which would mean 12 rpm


Here you go this is a video specialy done with the coperation with kmw with new information etc


ill do a translation later today

does this mount the Pumas optics?

the 2a7v already mounts puma optics when i am right

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