Leopard 1A5NO Missing & Wrongly implemented modifications, name and decal

Leopard 1A5NO Missing & Wrongly implemented modifications, name and decal

This is an important issue, regarding the Norwegian Leopard wich was introduced a while ago. i have made a bug report on this, and i have posted this other places, on social media

Everything i have listed below, are explained in the document. this will be updated and more issues currently under researching will be shown! i have also written about the vehicles history!


  • Rubber Bulges on the exhaust outlets
  • Rubber Bulges on the heater outlet
  • Norwegian Model 60 7.62x51mm Metal jacket ammunition
  • Norwegian Model 62 7.62x51mm Tracer ammunition
  • Long logs on top of the eigne, at the back of the vehicle, and a rolled up tent with those
  • Logs on the side of the turret
  • Electrical traverse
  • New hydraulic buffers
  • Numberplates, back and front
  • Various camouflage nettings


  • It carries one machinegun too much, only one one the left were operated
  • It carry too much ammunition for the 105mm cannon
  • It carry too much ammunition for the coaxial 7.62mm MG3
  • It carry too much ammunition for the left pintle mounted 7.62mm MG3
  • It carry the Wrong Decals, numbers, camouflage etc in-game
  • Wrong name, this is supposed to be named LEOPARD 1A5NO2



If you are who I think you are then you have already been told why the in game model is correct. It is a former German 1A5 which was renamed to 1A5NO in Norwegian service. It is exactly the same as German Leopard 1A5 except for the storage box mounted on the front. In particular, the 1A5NO in game is based on a Leopard that conducted exercises in the 2000s.




No, the currently in-game leopard are NOT correct, did you read the file?

Around 1992, 92 used Leopard 1 A1A4s were purchased from Germany, 33 of which were modified to A5 standard. These carriages differ in that they have additional armor on the turret, they were therefore designated LEOPARD 1 A5NO2

The one in game will recieve all those missing modifications in addition to recieve the right decals, and be named 1A5NO2

And then eventually at a later point the first verison 1A5NO without the additional armour and storage boxes to be added, possibly as a researchable vehicle

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Norway purchased and updated some of their Leopards to 1A5 standard which they called 1A5NO2, but later purchased some 1A5s from Germany which were just called 1A5NO.

1A5NO2 = Updated Leopard
1A5NO = Direct purchased 1A5s

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Many years ago, norway bough a lot of Leopard 1 tanks. Those were used for many many years, until it got quite outdated. Then it was decided to upgrade those old original tanks to a5 standard in addtion ro the norwegian modificarions, it was named 1A5NO.

Then we bought the 1A4 tanks, where some were upgraded to A5 standard with the norwegian modifications, therefor named 1A5NO2. There were only 33 pf these

The rest of the 1A4 tanks that were bought, recieved smaller modifications, and were named 1A1NO.

Leopard 1A5NO - old and upgraded Leopard 1
This dont have the additional armour, only the norwegian modifications

Leopard 1A5NO2 - upgraded 1A4
This got the norwegian modifications and the additional armour on the turrer

Leopard 1A1NO - Upgraded 1A4
This got no additional armour and no a5 update, this gor some different upgrades, i have mentioned before in a suggestion

I have every facts on the table, and i would never claim this without it being true. This is from the absolutely most thrustworthy sources one can get in norway, Forsvaret, Forsvarsmuseet and previous wagon crew and people who have even upgraded them


Except none of these are important.

what do you mean?

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Exactly what I said. It isn’t important. Important would be it is missing the round it commonly used. All this is cosmetic and therefore not important.

This is important

it carry too much ammunition and it carry one machinegun too much
it lacks the rubber bulges wich have a function regarding heat signature etc and in addition to it giving a little more protection aginst explosives
also the logs i have mentioned, will both make it more charactreistic in additon to giving a little more protection
the electrical traverse should, from what i believe make a little diiference

everything is important, and historical accuracy is definetly important


Literally not important.

It is imprtant, it is just as important as the simlar issues, like on the Finnish charioteer and tje British challengers

Both issues in terms of modifications, weapons and modifications. Historical accuracy as well

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That is completely subjective. Its is to plenty of people that appreciate historically accuracy, atleast visually in game. I do.


1A4 has a welded turret and EMES-12 fire control system. IIRC Norway recieved non of these

The 1A4 norway ordered/bought had cast tower

Looking through i think you mean 1A1A4 which had the Pzb 200 night sight and cast turret.


Yes, that is very likely! :)

The 1A1A4 wich the 1A5NO was upgraded from, does not have more than one MG mounted either :-)

Half a year has gone by, and the issue has laid on the bug report for 3 months, still nothing :/

It seems like the Leopard 1A5NO exists and were used by Norway, so what’s the issue? The Leopard 1A5NO2 is a different tank.

It has never been used by finland, what are you on about?

The 1A5NO2 and 1A5NO are different