Leopard 1A5DK


TYPE: Medium Tank
YEAR OF INTRODUCTION (Rebuild/Modification): 1990


  • 1x 105mm L7A1 Rifled cannon

  • 1x 7,62x51mm Machinegun
    -PLacement: Commannder’s hatch

  • 1x 7.62x51mm coacial machinegun

  • 76mm Smoke grenade launchers

Weight: 42.4 Metric Tons fully loaded
Width: 3.41 Meter
Height: 2.8 Meter (Commanders hatch gun)
Length: (Hull): 6.94 Meter
Length: (Cannon at 12 o’clock): 9.54 Meter
Crew: 4x (Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader)
Eigne: V10 MTU MB 838 Ca M500, 37.4 Liter Multi fuel
Power: 830 Horsepowers
Transmission: 4-step ZF Hydromedia 4 HK 250 gearbox with torque converter

-EMES18 installed
-Thermal sight
-Laser rangefinder
-The commanders forward periscope and panoramic sight were extended for a clear view over the primary sight housing
-The gun received a thermal sleeve and a muzzle reference collimator at the end of the barrel
-The mantled mounted XSW-30-V infra-red/white searchlight became redundant, and was removed
-Roof mounted “fast fittings” for two rifles for close defence work and a rear mounted turret rack

The Leopard was developed on the basis of experiences from World War 2 and experiences gained in the post-war period. The wagon was developed in the late 1950s/early 60s, the first ones then entered German service in 1965 and have since been Germany’s standard tank. It has also undergone a number of upgrades over the years and has now come in yet another new and improved edition. Leopard 1 has been in use in a number of countries around the world, including Australia and Canada. Today, Leopard 1 is on its way out of the installations of quite a few countries, which has meant that a number of new user countries have also come up, there are countries such as Brazil and Chile.

120 Leopard 1A3s were delivered to the Danish defense between 1976 and 1978. In 1991 these tanks were supplemented with 110 used Leopard 1A4s and Leopard 1A3s, totaling 230 Leopards. All 230 tanks were upgraded to 1A5DK Standard in 1993, the main reason for this upgrade was to improve the tanks’ ability to fight in the dark at night, as a result of which they were fitted with EMES 18, a thermal sight and a laser rangefinder.

Note that the picture is not of the exact Leopard 1A5DK, but it was the only usable picture I could find

-Leopard 1A5DK in service with SFOR in the former Yugoslavia June 1998



Leopard 1A5DK — ImgBB



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+1 because it adds a Danish vehicle to the Swedish tree, and reinforces Sweden’s already powerful 9.3 lineup.

I don’t play Sweden.

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One thing to note about the Danish Leopard 1s, were that they were all made to be able to equip a dozer blade, however it was only every 3rd tank that was equiped with one when out on mission.

The pictured tank might be a Leopard 1A5DK-1, which was a upgrade modification done to the 36 tanks that was sent to the balkans. Some of the upgrades include the old spotlight from the M41 DK1, a generator and aircondition. The spotlight was mounted in the old fittings of the XSW-30-V, while the aircondition and generator was added to the back of the turret in some extra boxes.
As seen on the images below, the exhaust pipe of the generator is visible in the hole of the right box.


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Leopard 1A5 DK - Danish Army Vehicles Homepage


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