Leonardo SW-4 Solo

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Description: The Leonardo SW-4 Solo (from the Italian Alone) is the Italian modified Umanned version made by the Italian company Leonardo, derivated from the SW-4, an helicopter made by the Leonardo Polish subsidiary, the PLZ-Swidink. The Solo was started in a collaboration between Leonardo, Aeroporti di Puglia (AdP), and the Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale (DTA) in 2015 as the Italian solution for the request for a new class UAV and multirole platform for civilian and military use. The PLZ-Swidink also helped with the integration of the new systems on the new UAV. The first prototype (and only for now) made its first flight on February 27, 2018, from the airport of Grottaglie to the airport of Taranto. The vehicle completed the root in 45 minutes at a height of 450 meters and a cruise speed of 110 km/h. The tests were defined as a success for one of the first helicopters in the world (the only one in Europe) of his class. Thanks to its good performance and a very advanced suite of systems, the helicopter is capable of accomplishing different missions such as recon, transport, escort, and light attack. In 2021, the helicopter participated in the Ocean 2020 project alongside the AWHERO as the second Italian proposal for the European UAV project. The Solo participated in a total of four parts of the project, and again, it showed its very good characteristics as an UAV. Nowadays, the helicopter is under development, and it has participated in a good number of airshows and tests. Talking about it’s caraptersitic, it’s agile but not very fast, with a max speed of 254 km/h. It is equipped with a frontal camera with a laser designator pod that allows the heli to use laser-guided rifles and missiles, but it can also be used for reconnaissance. It also feature new capability like the automatic take off and landing.

Why it should be in the game: This heli have similar performance to the american little bird (especially regardless laser guided rokets) and it could be a good addition to the Italian TT that from a lot of time it is not receiving Italian helicopters anymore.



Max take off – 1,800 kg 3,968 lb
Max Payload – 470 kg 1,036 lb
Length – 9.07 m 29.6 ft
Height – 3.14 m 10.3 ft
Width – 2.28 m 7.5 ft
Main Rotor Diameter – 9.00 m 29.5 ft
Max Range – 940 km 507.2 nm
Max Endurance – 6 hrs
Hovering OGE (ISA) – 820 m 2690 ft
Operational Ceiling – 3,900 m 12,795 ft
Max Take Off altitude (ISA) – 1,290 m 4232 ft
Max cruising Speed (ISA) – 254 km/h (only if unmanned)
Best endurance speed (SL ISA) – 111 kph 60 kts
Best range speed (SL ISA) – 150 kph 80 kts
Type – Heavy Fuel (JP5/8)
Capacity – 570 (450) Liters (Kg) 119 USgal
Average consumptions – 70 kg/hr



19x FZ231 rokets
19x FZ275 laser guided rokets



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good competitor to oh series helies

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+1 very interesting suggestion, we need as much helis we can in italian tech tree, also this would be good and agile CAS

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