Leclercs should get DM53 / SHARD

Would you support Leclerc MBTs receiving better APFSDS ammunition in the form of DM53/SHARD depending on the Leclerc variant ?
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As of right now, Leclercs are far from being best top tier MBTs:

The Leclercs’ only redeeming is the reload, which is still shared by the much more survivable Abrams and Challengers 2 and beaten by the Type 10 / TKX. The myth of the Leclercs being a “jack of all trade” has to end. At least the second part of the idiom is true: the Leclercs are currently masters of none.

As if that wasn’t enough, OFL 120 F1, the Leclerc’s best APFSDS shell, has in fact lower spall than all the other top tier APFSDS rounds…

This is why the Leclercs should get a new shell.

There are 2 solid choices in that regard:

DM53 :

Although Italy never bought DM53 shells for their Arietes, Gaijin decided to give DM53 to the Arietes to try to keep them somewhat relevant at top tier. This obvious balancing decision could definitely be applied to the Leclercs since both Ariete and Leclerc perform similarly.

Fired from the Leclerc’s GIAT CN120-26/52 L/52 cannon, this would result in a muzzle velocity of about 1730m/s and penetration of about 645mm, which is in line with the Leopard 2A6/7AV penetration of 652mm (DM53 round), the Type 10’s penetration of 610mm (Type 10 round) and the Abrams’ penetration of 629mm (M829A3 round).


Another option could be the newly qualified SHARD round.

This round is made by NEXTER, the same company that developed the Leclerc MBTs (it used to be named GIAT).

Courtesy of @Laurelix, when fired from the Leclerc’s GIAT CN120-26/52 L/52 cannon, this round should reach a muzzle velocity of 1720 m/s. Its 775mm long WHA penetrator should result in an estimated penetration of:

720mm @ 0m (0°)

421mm @ 0m (60°)

668mm @ 1000m (0°)

390mm @ 1000m (60°)

So, a 20% penetration increase over OFL 120 F1 at 1km.





Leclercs accelerate slower than Leopard 2s, are as armoured as light tanks all while having only 3 crew members, exploding fuel tanks. Would giving them the most penetrating round make them the most OP vehicle in top tier? The answer is obviously not. The weak spots that would need to be hit would be the same, however Leclercs operators would be able to do so at much longer range with more consistency.

Considering the above, I suggest the following:

  • Make the OFL 120 F1 a level 1 modification on the Leclerc S1 and Leclerc S2 (replacing OFL 120 G1), but give these 2 vehicles access to DM53 as a level 4 modification;
  • Make the OFL 120 F1 a level 1 modification on the Leclerc S.XXI and Leclerc AZUR (replacing OFL 120 G1), but give these vehicles to SHARD as a level 4 modification.[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

Overall good idea, I agree with most of the things you said, just you wrote that the Leclerc’s reload was 6s, which was reduced to 5s a while ago.


Corrected. I wrote the draft a while ago lol. Also added a poll and pictures.

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They could do the same thing they did to China and give you your better round but nerf it so it’s not silly. Give the shard round some arbitrary amount of pen like 611 and call it a day. They turned the Chinese round with something like 740mm of pen into 577mm of pen.


I agree totally with this proposal. As long as the Leclerc does not have a sufficient armor and mobility, the firepower should be balanced accordingly.


DM53 is reasonable but SHARD is too powerful unless other equivalent shells like M829A3 and DM73 are also added

But why ? Leclercs are much worse armored than Abrams and Leopards. Why should the USA / Germany always be the ceiling for what France gets ? Considering how underperforming the Leclerc’s armor is, it should compensate somehow. Such as through superior penetration.

I’ll do you one better: how are the Leclercs still using a 575mm shell while being one of the worst armored top tier MBTs, while the most survivable and armored MBTs (STRV-122) are using a 589mm APFSDS shell ? Makes no sense.


The Leclercs have a 5s autoloader, excellent optics, high mobility (higher top speeds in forward and reverse than a leopard and similar acceleration), as well as decent armor with thick turret cheeks. Having it have nearly 100mm more penetration than most MBTs is a severe overcorrection.

Thick turret cheeks ? I believe you mistake that for inert space.

If any of what you are talking about was enough to be competitive, we would know it. What matters at top tier is armor above all else, and the Leclercs don’t have any. Then, logically, what matters the most in second is penetration, and once again the Leclercs are the most lacking in that area.

Considering Gaijin only rarely ever buffs armor, and since the Leclercs have been using the same round for the past 4-5 years, I believe it is time for the Leclercs to receive a new, more potent round.
DM53 or SHARD are some very valid options - hence this thread - but if you have other suggestions, feel free to share them, or to make your own thread.


I’m still pissed about this… M322 was a perfectly capable round and I’d wager to say it was the best top tier APFSDS.

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Same, to this day, I still don’t agree with this decision …

Shard Mk.1 should definitely be added to the top leclercs

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It was just an excuse to keep underperforming Ariete tanks at high BR.
Although for AMV it’s ok to have DM53 imo, Shard would be nice too.

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I mean, the LecLerc is not in a great place anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt.


If they fixed the armour and mobility, wouldn’t be a problem to have the current round.

But they won’t, so this is the next best solution.

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that has now been modelled, couple this with the last lot of changes to spalling which has basically made Leclercs unplayable (they often get OHKd now)

You clearly havent played a spaded Leclerc vs Spaded Leopard… I have both and can tell you right now Leclercs are actually inferior in mobility. they seem to have some issues with rotating tracks (often feels sluggish) it also seems to take too long to get up to speed vs Leopards that have much better track rotation at speeds or on the move (Leclercs really suffer in this aspect)

I’ve played both enough to know which I prefer (not that I like both nations, they both suck tbh) but Leopards are 100% more agile than Leclercs I can say that much. its not a night and day difference but for me Leos just feel more consistent in mobility, Leclercs can feel “fast” at one point then sluggish at another point

Armour is literally one of the worst (think italy is more servere) ammo is last I checked the 2nd or 3rd worst shell at top tier. untill they fix armour then it needs new ammo. Ive also advocated for Challys to get a new shell because they have it even worse in general but yh


All RH120 derivative tanks should get SHARD, viva la NATO standards! [I’d still use M829A2 on Abrams, but it’d be funny].

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