Leclerc S1/S2 VS M1A1HC/AIM, should Leclerc s1/s2 move to 11.3?

After M1A1’s reload time buff to 5s, it seems that Leclerc is worse than M1A1 hc and aim, especially compared to the armor and firepower, It is time to move Leclerc S1/S2 to 11.3.


Sadly, it seems no amount of begging will change the Devs’ hatred for France.


Seems K/D, K/B and win rate is much more important than the vehicles themselves.

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Better to move the M1A1HC and AIM up then. The S1 and S2 are fine at 11.7.

There is no hatred of France, otherwise they wouldn’t have the best CAS in the game, nor the 2nd best top fighter in the game 2nd to Gripen.

You may have missed it, but this is the “ground” section. Obviously France is doing fine in Air but Ground is a hot mess.

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Tank fixes take longer, especially for armor.
But yeah, I keep doing well in Leclercs despite single spawning them, and despite them needing fixing…
It’s annoying cause we know they’re inaccurate.

Unless they move A7V and 122 to 12.0 or 12.3, m1a2 to higher BR. Efficiency doesn’t mean these MBTs should have the same BR with A7 or 122.


We’re due for a 12.0 tank BR anyway.

12.0+ ideally.

And what tank would that be ? Even if they were to add the latest Leclerc variant (Leclerc XLR), all the Leclercs are riddled with issues.
Missing rounds, mobility is trash, armor is paper thin, reload is too long …
Even if they were to add Leclerc XLR, it would still suck like all the other Leclercs.

That’s why we need a BR decrease.


They should raise the game to 12.7, many tanks shouldn’t have stayed together at all


France also needs a prototype Leclerc car as a gift package vehicle, as well as a Leclerc 35mm SPAA


We really need the Leclerc TERMINATEUR T4 140mm why not in premium and the Lerclerc XLR well upgraded to compete with the latest tanks released (T90M, 2A7…)

Leclerc TERMINATEUR T4 140mm

Lerclerc XLR

Why not add the Jaguar which replaces the AMX 10 RC in the French army, to make players want to play France again in War Thunder!

Gaijin could add the new “Brun Terre de France” camouflage used by the French army

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The tanks we already have in all tech trees.
Reload is not too long, you sound like you’re using a T-90…
Mobility is great despite inferior torque converter simulation and lack of regen steering.
And Leclerc firing 3BM60 equivalent rounds while not the best, isn’t the same as firing DM33 or 3BM42.

Yes, the armor should be fixed.

Leclerc 140 isn’t needed.

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I think it’s necessary to give more interest to the French tree and make players want to play France. More prototype vehicles to have more diversity. Because I’m sorry but S1, S2 and S2 AZUR play the same way, nothing changes.

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The 140mm would be a significantly higher BR, being similar to CATTB.

You speak so authoritatively about other people’s opinions, as if yours is the definitive response. Why is that? Do you have some official role in suggestions or feedback? Serious question. I can tell you are knowledgeable about tanks in general and the game. Thank you.

I did not speak about other peoples’ opinions in any of my posts in this topic.
As for 140mm Leclerc, I had to confirm there were smoke grenades before commenting on it.
Which there are, and only viewable from above.
Though I suspect CATTB from USA would have more armor.

Ok, thank you. So, when you bluntly tell Shark that the 140mm is not needed, that is just your opinion with equal weight to his (not trying to start a forum fight, just making sure you were not a tech moderator or something). Just like the Object 292, 2s38, and many other vehicles are not “needed.” I like the Leclerc, but having so many of them with little to no differences is quite boring and makes folks not want to grind the tree all the way up. Even the several Challenger 2 variants have more variety.

I agree with Shark that the 140mm would give variety to the tree, regardless of what br it must be at, which is definitely needed. A new IFV or something truly different is needed to bring some variety to higher tier France whether the Leclerc armor or reload is changed. Mid tier France has some really unique stuff, but that goes away at top tier, so anything different than the standard 120mm Leclerc would be appreciated, at least by me.


Well yes.
My reasoning is asking for Leclerc 140 is also asking for CATTB and Object 195.
Object 292 is horrifically bad compared to Leclerc 140. Similar armor, no smoke, lacks speed, no thermals, a slower reload mechanism, bad gun laying, and anything else I’m missing.

So in reality we do not have the BR required for all these new tanks at this time, we might have the air BR, but not the ground BR.