Leclerc OFL120F2. The proof

While you invent vehicles that everyone can play, you are not capable of respecting reality, particularly with the French, bad faith, jealousy…we are used to it. I am attaching an extract from a commission of the French National Assembly, official text, which proves that the OFL105F 2 (AMX30) and OFL120F2 (LECLERC) shells were indeed delivered in the amount of 4500 for the first and 1500 for the second. Consequently these tanks should be equipped with them. That’s all.


OFL F1 in-game has 620mm of penetration at 2km. In-line with your wikipedia source.
310 / cos 60 = 620.


So what ? The formula is the same for everyone and the difference in penetration capacity remains the same!

It’s unreliable

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Gaijin: it’s a bug and a balance issue, cry more.

Maybe someone used Warthunder as a source for the Wikipedia stats

Nah, it was that before War Thunder had Leclercs.
It’s also that on the French wiki as well as other sources.
Just as US sources for M829 are in-line with Willi Odermatt’s formula.

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