Least painful Rank IV Italy to grind?

I finally made it to Rank IV of the Italian air tree. Which is the least painful non-premium aircraft to grind my way to Rank V?

Rank IV is a wonderful rank for Italy and there is plenty of choices: C205 serie 3, Re2005 and g55 are the best and not much different each other.

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Mhm it still depends on your preferences (PvE or PvP) and the preferred mode (Air RB or Air AB) and your skill as a pilot.

Playing exclusively Air RB for ~ 7 years the main disadvantage of Italy as an Air TT is that their pilots are on average way better than US/GER/RU players just due to the total amount of rather inexperienced players within the big 3 nations.

This led to the fact that imho all current rank IV Italian planes are overtiered - the last 2 exceptions were the SM 92 and the IT P-47 D-30, but both went down to rank III with the latest economy change.

Even as this economy change reduced another effect of playing a minor played nation with rather good pilots - the comparably high repair cost - you have to accept whilst flying there that almost everything outperforms you at least in the 2 of the 3 relevant categories (speed, climb, turn) with a substantial margin and that is the main reason why you see mainly just 2 types of Italian pilots:

a) Rookies with rather bad stats trying to spade or progress in the TT
b) Veterans with rater good / exceptional stats looking for a challenge

So a few veteran players managed to increase the already way too high BR of the Re 2005 after the massive nerf some years ago from 5.7 to 6.0. And this simply based on the fact that they were able to beat far superior aircraft and their rather less experienced pilots by forcing them to fight on their terms.

So if you are an experienced pilot: They are all good if you gain positional/energy advantage and you are able to gain this advantage. A high level of situational awareness and the abiity to kill the right targets at the right point of time are needed too .
If you assess your self as rather average i would recommend the BR 4.7 C 205 Series 3 for Air RB. They are way faster than the G55s and have quite good performance above 5 km, so it makes it easier to fight P-38s at higher alt and to avoid unfavorable situations with RU planes which usually have a sharp power drop above 4-5 km.

Last one: Despite you kill most of the DB engines in the 109s with MEC usage regarding prop pitch - you can adjust the prop pitch of the almost exact Italian copies without any risk. So to deal with the overheating issue of most Italian props is much easier. My SM 92 flies with infinite WEP power the whole match with 80% prop pitch and 50% for oil/water coolers without overheating on standard maps.

Have a good one!

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