LAV-AD vs XM975

Which is better for AA and which one is better for anti missile defense? I’m trying to decide if I should research them both and put them both in or only 1. I’m trying to be (mostly) strictly SPAA I will be also shooting down any guided weapons I see. Which one would be better or should I put them both in and use the LAV as light tank with AA capability.

LAV-AD is more a light tank with AA then a true AA like the XM975.
You can bring 2, if most enemy is fix wing jet like Su-25 or any sub sonic CAS, LAV is better since the acces to the 25mm cannon is a pros for it.
If you face more of a high-attitude jet, then XM975.


Ok so what should i bring if there where lots of helis or low fast flying jets like su7 and A5s

I personally prefer the LAV-AD. Stingers kinda suck, but not as much as having to guide your missile to the target. Also, it allows for self defense against tanks, as well as the fun chance to OP them with the Hydras.


Do you have to guide your own missiles with the XM975


I mean depends on role you want to fulfill.

Both have their uses.

I run both roland/vt1 and gepards in my lineup if possible.

most of the time, don’t bother with the XM. They butchered Roland missiles.

Research them both. I prefer the LAV over the XM for the versatility it brings. (It can swim too) I mostly use the LAV as AA with full AA missile configuration but I’ve been using the hydras a little more lately and enjoying it. Nice to have the ability to change it up.

Gaijin should give all SPAA the ability to scout but nothing so far.

My SPAA line up is LAV/XM/Chaparral.
Happy hunting.

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I mean, unless they foldered something, don’t you have to research both in order to get the ADATS?

All in all, your end goal should be the ADATS. The ADATS is a really, really nice SPAAG. The two downsides it has are limited Sight Angles (85* missiles, but sight only goes 65 last I played it) and it costs the same to spawn as a TD. So if you’ve died twice, with no kills or anything, you can’t hop in the ADATS. Which is unfortunate (and stupid! Very stupid). But.

Whatever gets you to the ADATS, really i guess

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