LAV-AD stinger ammo amount not correct in 1 way or another

As far as i can tell when you install the hydras on the LAV, according to its ammo in the model, the stat card and just plain logic it should only lose 4 stingers of the total 16 to add the hydra rocket pod. However it goes from 16 to 8.
So either the stat card and the ammo modeled in the tank is wrong, or it doesnt have the correct number of stinger ammo.

It also doesnt say anywhere what changes when you hover over the hydra rocket pod upgrade. It just says it adds hydras. Nothing about weight change, or loss of overall ammo to stingers or anything of the sorts like other modifications. I have taken a screenshot of the BMP-1 as an example, which clearly states what changes when you add the upgrade to the ATGM (although it doesnt state that the method of controlling the ATGM is changed, its still better then nothing like the hydra module on the LAV). I know that not all modifications lists what changes, but it would be nice if they all did, so you know what it does before grinding it out.

it smells of the bug or the unjustified nerf (in addition to the penetration nerf which was not warned in any changelogs), the launcher should contain 4 missiles in addition to the 8 stored but for some unknown reason, this one does not present no preloaded missiles and consumes those in the hold, so either it’s a bug that needs to be reported or it’s a stealth nerf

Apparently the bug has been known for more than 9 months but apparently gaijin prefers to add an useless event than to fix the bug : // Issues

the fact that it hasnt been fixed in 9 months is ridiculous