Dear developers, i would like to propose a new vehicle to fill the gaps between m60a2 and m1128, LAV-25 to your esteemed game. This formidable armored vehicle brings unparalleled versatility to the battlefield, equipped with a 25mm M242 Bushmaster cannon and a co-axial 7.62mm machine gun. LAV-25 has CCA (Composite Ceramic Armor) enhancing its survivability against 20mm armor penetration. By introducing the LAV-25 into War Thunder, we bridge the gap between the M60A2 and the M1128, offering players a much-needed mid-tier armored vehicle that excels in both firepower and mobility. With its robust amphibious capabilities, the LAV-25 becomes a versatile asset for maneuvering across different terrains, adding a new layer of strategic depth to the gameplay. As players transition from the M60A2 to the LAV-25, they can leverage the vehicle’s enhanced capabilities to adapt to various combat scenarios effectively. Specification of such vehicle can be seen on this publications.

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