Launcher won't install UHQ textures for Air and Ground

Hello there! As the title states, the launcher/game will NOT download the Full Ultra HQ pack. I had it previously installed before I had to factory reset my C: drive and format my secondary (but primary for gaming) D: drive. If I switch the launcher back to minimum and launch the game it will prompt me to install the full client, which I have done, but when I switch the Client from Full to Full UHQ nothing happens. Like I mentioned earlier, I just recently fully factory reset and formatted my drives a couple days ago and have been trying to get this going again but the launcher simply will not allow me to make the change.

Really lost here. Help?


Same here

I’m having the same issue
I’m a returning player, i had never played WT on this computer and I re-installed the game yesterday.

In the launcher, selecting anything other than β€œMinimal client” will not download anything else.
I’ve tried checking files etc, to no avail.

I also tried downloading the full ultra HQ client from the torrent, but the launcher just deleted the files I had copied in the game folder.

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Same here.

Same here


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Any solution ?

It works for me atm. :)

It seems to be working on my end as well, the Full Ultra HQ client is being downloaded :)

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UPDATE: Bug has apparently been addressed, I finally logged in today and the textures downloaded as intended.