Latest NVIDIA 3080 driver will crash both the game upon loading and the PC

At any point after the game loads the first entry loading screen, the 536.67 driver will crash both the game and PC. Roll-backing/reinstalling the 536.40 driver appears to fix it for now.
specs: GPU: 3080, CPU: 5800x3d, RAM: 32gb ddr4 3600mHz

No Driver Crashes or BSOD on my Side with the latest 536.67 Driver.
But i’ve had a strange Lag in the first Match, right after the first explosion and a 2nd one after killing an enemy tank.

EVGA 3090 FTW3, I7 [email protected], 64GB DDR4 RAM 3600MHz

yeah it might not be, i just got a crash again, irql_not_less_or_equal with the older driver. Im gonna try to relaunch the game with min graphics and check and see if that affects anything and slowly bump up the quality until it crashes again

Try to deinstall your graphics driver once again while using DDU cleaner.

Additionally try to delete the Warthunder Cache.

Give it a try.

Trying both resulted in the same crash, I’ve also tried doing just one instead of the other, resulting in the same crash again.

I updated to 536.67 Studio Ready drivers and it fixed my GPU hanging with WT.

I just tried that as well, but it immediately went to bluescreen after the EAC loading window was finished.

Unsure how to proceed honestly, this is the only game in my library so far that has reacted this way.

Hm… After EAC loading? Updated EAC also?

turns out it was EAC, repairing it fixed the issue

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