Laser+IOG (GBU-24, AGM-114B, AGM-114K, Other Laser+IOG weaponry)

Hello, can someone explain how the Laser+IOG works, I did some testing on GBU-24s and Hellfire. And what I have found it means that if it looses given laser point it will keep tracikng to last know location, that doesn´t seem to be the case it just falls randomly, next I´ve read on WT reddit that it must be still atached to aircraft and given laser point before launch (this also doesn´t work).

Then I found this on reddit.

IOG means the missile will track the last known location with last known parameters. If it can’t see the target, it just heads to where it could be. (If modelled correctly) It can be used as dumb fire missile at a direction and the missile will hold that route, until the aircraft gives it a solid lock and it starts tracking the target.

This seems to be true but the problem here is that every bomb does that even if it doesnt have Laser+IOG.

Now there are two possibilities:

  1. I didn´t understand this mechanic correctly.

  2. This mechanic isn´t implemented yet.

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