Laser Guided Bombs won't lock anymore

I have controls set like this. I use ‘B’ to cycle through weapons, MB4 to lock guided bombs on target using LANTIRN/LITENING II and then MB5 to drop bomb. It’s always worked for me. After this update I cannot lock target in targeting pod view anymore. When I select Paveways and click MB4 to lock, it says “missile seeker off” for some reason, even if I don’t have any missiles. Mavericks work just fine, I can still lock this way, LGBs won’t work. How do I fix this?

Same here! IT IS SO ANNOYING!!!

Right now it is “locked” when you are in LANTIRN view. When you place you coursor and stop it is targeted. Trying to target the enemy just “delocks” the view.


Right now you cant really lock enemy but you just place the cursor on them - so you have to move after the target or pick not moving targets.