Landsverk 120 "Norgestanken"

Could be an interesting gamemode where we see bot infantery play a role in the match.

There is still no reason for it to exist even if such mode was added when nearly all other vehicles also have machine guns, often times more.

I mean, the M2A2 exists, just depends on this things gun penetration.

M2A2 has a 12.7mm, this thing doesn’t


Ik but if it has enough armor penetration it shouldn’t be an issue.

I ensure you that rifle caliber doesn’t

Yeah, I mean, there’s no reason to add it, it really doesn’t have a use case, but the GAZ 4x maxim exists.

The GAZ can at least function as am SPAA and has far superior mobility.
It also has four of those shitty guns instead of just one.
The L-120 has practically nothing going for it.

Additionally, the GAZ is an utterly ancient product, when the standards seemed to be different. Same goes for M2A2.



It’s a suggestion, it doesn’t have to be added! but i still suggested it, now both the players and the dev’s know this vehicle exists, it is not certain that most people knew that beforehand so what’s the harm?

It does only have a machinegun yes, it’s a modified colt model 29, wich fires the 7.92x61mm cartrigde wich is made my Norway and not used anywhere else. It is a improved 7.92x57mm wich is most known as 8x57mm. So it fits a little more powder, wich in turn makes it slightly more powerful and accurate, wich might even make it penetrate 0.5-1.0 mm

will proably not preform any different compared to the 7.92x57/8x57 wich we have in game tough. but still this round can kill some spaa’s, opentops and a couple very lightly armored cars/trucks, so it is not completely useless, but quite situational

It would be completely useless because any other vehicle can perform the same task more efficiently

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