Lago 1, incorrectly modelled

Lago 1, the first Medium tank of the Swedish TT

In 1938 the Hungarian military had signed a deal with Landsverk for the license to produce the L-60 light tank and L-62 SPAAG, these vehicles would become known as the Toldi and Nimrod In Hungarian service. Around the same time the Hungary had been looking to acquire a medium tank. The Italian M13/39 the Czechoslovak Škoda T-21 and Praga V-8-H were all under consideration but in addition an order was placed with Landsverk for a soft steel Lago prototype to be delivered by 1940.

To adapt the Lago design to fit Hungarian requirements a number of changes were made including increasing the elevation of the rear turret mg to serve as an anti aircraft weapon, adding a ejection system for spent shell casings to the hull floor and changing the main gun to an Hungarian 40 mm gun. In addition to the three 8 mm machineguns a 12,7 mm mg was added to tanks hull, an alternative design with a turret mounted 12,7 mm was also discussed but dropped since this gun already took up more space than the main gun.

Lago I drawing

The prototype called Lago I was finished in May 1941. By this time Hungary had already moved on and adopted the Skoda T-21 as the Turán I, but luckily for Landsverk the Swedish army was now very interested in getting a medium tank of its own. The decision was made to develop a new 21 ton medium tank with 70 mm of armor protection and a 75 mm gun based on the existing Lago prototype. The Lago I itself would be used to test various various elements in preparation for the production model.

Despite lacking much of the intended equipment the prototype ended up with a weight of 18,3 tons, a significant increase from the original 15 ton estimated weight. Despite this the tank proved to have good mobility in both snow and mud, being able to reach a top speed of 45 kph on roads. Since the tank was mostly used for mobility testing the only armament mounted on the Lago I was its 40 mm cannon, though the possibility of mounting a 57 mm naval gun was discussed.

The Lago I was Initially equipped with a German electromagnetic gearbox and a pair of Scania-Vabis 1664 engines outputting 284 hp. Not wanting to be reliant on foreign components however the tank was refitted with a Swedish produced hydraulic gearbox from Atlas Diesel. In preparation for the increased weight of the production version a more modern pair of Scania-Vabis L 603 engines were fitted in 1942. To fit both the new engines and gearbox the engine compartment was completely rebuilt and the tank renamed Lago I H. During testing with the new powertrain the Lago I H was able to achieve a sustained top speed of 55 Kph, though it was later limited to 45 kph as the gearbox proved unreliable at higher speeds.

So to conclude:

Data: Lago I


Crew: 5

Weight: 18,3 ton

Length: 6 m

Width: 2,32 m

Height: 2,45 m

Ground clearence: 0,4 m

Armament (secondary): 3x 8 mm Ksp m/39

Armament (main): 40 mm Kan Strv

Depression/elevation: -10°/+25°

Armor: 34/34/20 mm

Engine: x2 Scania-Vabis 1664 (142 hp, Gasoline), x2 Scania-Vabis L 603 (162 hp, Gasoline)

Top speed: 55 kph

Ground pressure: 0,5m/cm^2

Trench: 2,4-2,8 m

Fording: 1 m


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Most of the original sources and information was correct however the fact the Lago 1 was equipped with a 37mm Bofors gun, is false.

WE have a bug report, as old as swedens TT and its yet to be resolved.

Justice for the Lago 1H!


Dang, if true then my 2.7 Sweden lineup would just become 3 vehicles…
Lago 1’s being nerfed with the 40mm would be devastating.

Its the hungarian 40mm cannon, so it would definetly have better damage output, sure no more 120mm pen

The penetration matters more.
Then again, I am really good with APCR… the “worst” of the high pen designs.

Pen isnt always the most important. The filler on the hungarian 40mm is ballanced with the pen. So sure you dont have the massive penetration. But the damage is totaly worth it

It’s a nerf none-the-less and the Lago would go to ~2.0.

i dont think it would, Its armour is acceptable for 2.7 and the 40mm would give it much better damage output, sure it wouldnt be as good as a sniper vehicle. But it would be good as a semi-flanker Where its armour protects it to a extent if seen. The slanted turret sides that makes up the majority of the turret will help greatly.!

Especialy wif the Top speed was increased to the potential 55km/h! this would make the Lago 1H a fast medium tank with a fast firing gun.