Lag spikes

Hello, i suddenly started experiencing weird lag “spikes” it happens atleast once every game. fps jumps from 250 to 180 for a second and then back to 200-ish
I tried limiting my fps trough nvidia control panel, it only made everything worse, updated my graphics drivers, tried to disable and renable full screen optimizations in windows.
I have tried messing with settings, but no luck. Im using preset “high” with nothing changed
my specs:
Rtx 3070
32gb ddr4 ram
2x 1tb nvme ssd
Processor is equipped with watercooler and temps never go above 65
graphics card max temp is 70 but usually stays around 60

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Do you have anything else running in the background and on your GPU? Capturing video at the same time? Even Chrome can periodically steal a lot of system resources.
There are a few YouTubes about optimizing video setting for WT.

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Nothing running expect discord.
No game capturing applications

Game chokes due to high process requirement of EAC

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Yes. I have same Issue. I am playing air RB and every 7 seconds freeze and short lag with sound lag also. I have good PC with RTX 3080…