L3/35 with flamethrower

I think Gaijin should add the L3/35 with the flamethrower.
Italy needs a good premium anyway.
Any Thoughts?


Make a suggestion for it. But it does get a +1 from me :)

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Been wanting this for a while now. Probably should add an image of it in your post BTW

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How do I submit a request to gaijin?


Those are the rules. Put it under the suggestions tab on these forums. I’d also recommend checking the forums before making the suggestion, to make sure no one else has :)

Where do I submit it tho?

You don’t exactly “submit” it. It’s more of a suggestion. You just post the vehicle or idea with the proper info and people can vote on wanting it in game and stuff. It should all be in the link above. I have seen a few posts recently with people having trouble posting suggestions though, so idk what’s going on with suggestions. You also have to get it approved by a moderator.

No. As a suggestion sure go for it. But personally, i don’t see it serving much of a purpose since it would solely be flames and most tanks your fighting are enclosed so unless Gaijin figures how to add a way for tanks to start warping or crew, engines, tracks etc getting heated probably not for awhile.

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In a Br of 1 I think it would be effective.

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Let’s replace a weak anti tank gun with no anti tank gun instead.
How to make the worst 1.0 vehicle even worse 😂


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That’s pretending the L3 is good at killing takes that are enclosed in the first place lol. Flame Tanks are and will always be a funny niche.

The Flamethrower might actually make it better at killing any light unarmored target.

How? With a range of 20m? You can probably get killed by 7.7mm MGs at the range you can hit other tanks with the flamethrower.

At its BR? It performs fine. Just don’t expect it to be this mythical vehicle. Just cause its famous.

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“Good” is funny. It can’t kill anything other than open tops, so I’d definitely say, having a flamethrower only tank would not be good or useful in any way. That is unless gaijin adds infantry to the game, which would open loads of operational IFV’s and other vehicles, as IFV’s with troops are the only way to capture positions on the map.

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You’re forgetting that the L3 already struggles and there are many vulnerable tanks in the game already.

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It’s not famous? I’m entirely wanting this to be added because it’s a funny situational vehicle with no other use than being entertaining in a game.