L3-33 Detailed blueprints

Me and a friend want to build our own little L3 and we are having trouble finding any detailed diagrams/blueprints with sizes. We are thinking about getting a model and scaling up the size of it but we haven’t found an accurate one. I was just hoping that this community, with its history of finding detailed military documents, would be able to find the VERY DECLASSIFIED scematics for the L3-33.

This is the best I’ve got. Although it’s the dual 8mm MG variant.


This will definitely help, but we need measurements as well. So our plan if this doesn’t work out is to find an accurate scale model, measure it and scale that to the right size.

It has a reference bar in “feet” in the middle that you can use to extrapolate measurements. The pic is fairly high-res so it shouldn’t be too hard.


Maybe @BlueBeta can help

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I didn’t see that, Thanks.

When i’ll be able to re-use my PC I can help

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Best I could find. Hope this helps.


I don’t know how accurate you are trying to make it but there is more than just the external dimensions. There were would have been the structure and framework, fittings and mechanical bits. If you really wanted to get that right you would probably need to brush up on your Italian.

Yeah or maybe find a PDF which can be translated.

More like have to travel to Italy and dig out some dusty old blueprints from a museum or archive.

Dang. So nobody has a photocopy of the original scematics/blueprints.

go on goglee or similar write “manuale l3-33” or “istruzioni l3-33” or “catalogo l3-33” you will find the link to several book sold on the internet with the original manuals and drawings.
good luck

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Hi, sorry for the waiting but i’m having problems with the PC.

Here you are the schemes with dimensions of the vehicle.
This L3 is a “33” version with double Breda 38 in the turret. If you have any problems with some parts you can PM me since i’ve taken pictures and a lot of measures from the real L3


I found this preliminary report. It doesn’t have exact measurements but it has a diagram of just the hull with angles and width of armor plates. It also has a lot of information on other stuff like the tracks, suspension, and motor.

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