L3/33 CC and Csaba Solothurn buff


Hi, recently I went back to 1.0 to play with the Csaba and the L3/33 CC just to remember when I started playing War Thunder. And I was shocked by how uncompetitive those vehicles are, they have a very low rate of fire, the fragmentation of the bullet is very low and the explosive is inconsistent. It would be nice to make them more usable since they are fun vehicles. I would therefore propose to increase the rate of fire, the spalling and damage of the explosive. They would become more enjoyable and certainly not overpowered.
Do you think I could be nice?

Increased rate of fire for the Solothurn S18-1000 (L3)?

  • Yes
  • No
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Increased rate for the Solothurn S18-100 (Csaba)?

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Improved spalling? (Both)

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Improved explosive filler damage? (Both)

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What backing do you have to buff any of these?



There seems to be a general issue with the spalling of AP rounds.

Some rounds will easily deal lethal damage while others have very narrow spall cones or cause almost no spalling unless they have enough.

Gaijn also had the great wisdom of modeling rounds this way:

Solid shot → Good Spalling
APHE → Bad Spalling because it already does a ton of damage with explosion

So for the 20mm APHE that basically means it gets no spalling at all and you need to hit a crew directly and when it explodes you get some confetti damage.



It’s simple:

  • They could shoot much faster in RL
  • The damage in-game is just much worse compared to other shells

Based on what though?

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In historic videos the rof is near 90 rpm, I know that the speed of the tape could be altered but even in modern videos of the gun firing, the rof could be faster

How much faster? Is that just a “trust me bro” thing?

They’re both beginner vehicles. One’s a tankette, the other an armored car.
If you believe the reload should be buffed, why? You have a hand-loaded 20mm or a clip-based 20mm that already fire decently fast?

Trust me bro ;)


Not reload, rate of fire

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Do you mind describing the difference in excruciating detail?

And so? Why they can’t be buffed?

Because it could. A semi automatic rifle could be fired very fast, if you have a good trigger finger

I don’t understand the question

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Rate of fire is the number of bullets fired in a minute
Reload is the speed of the magazine reload

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I’m not saying they shouldn’t be buffed, I’m saying that “is bad” is not an excuse to buff it.

And they still have caps to their fire rate. Take the HSTV-L or the 2S38 for example.

It isn’t, it’s a rhetorical statement to yours.

That isn’t excruciating detail, reload details the time needed to load a cartridge into the breech of a firearm. This action is done with interclip reloads.

Rate of fire simply details the capacity to fire X amount of ammunition in Y time. Its main purpose is to give a general estimate of its fire rate, as well as calculate burst mass.

What? Sorry? Rate of fire is the amount of shots fired in a certain time (used for automatic, semi automatic and manual loaded guns), reload is the time of putting the cartridge in the breech, and I understand this. But the Solothurn is magazine fed, so the reload of the gun is (in game speaking) the reload of the magazine, not the cartridge

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Ok, but the rof was still faster IRL

HSTV-L and 2S28 have a fully automatic gun, not semy automatic like the L3/33 and Csaba ones.
To be clear HSTV-L has an M4 set on auto and the L3 has a M1 Garand

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As I said.

And you understand that the 39M has a breech, right?
And uh… And cartridges, right?

You know the L3/33? Yknow, the tankette with offensive weaponry? That thing has a breech…

Oh, and to top it off, it has cartridges too!!

Third time now, justify that.

The HSTV-L uses and single-shot autoloader while the 2S38 is track-fed.

Maybe I can’t understand correctly because I’m not a native English speaker. The breach ot the Solothurn S18-100/1000 could close with a speed that (if it was managed by a fast shot competition champion and with a larger magazine) at around 90 rpm. Obviously with a smaller shot count it will be reduced

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As I said historical videos and recent videos has a rod around 90 rpm it’s not a strong evidence, but still

I do agree with the possibility of improving the spall damage, heck not even just for this gun, but for all small caliber weapons as many are just sad.

But fire rate wise, its a 10 round box and thats it, bumping up the ROF alone would frankly just make it’s pitiful damage just run out faster as those 10 rounds go real fast.