L/70 bofors in swedish service is the Lvakan 48. But its wrong in-game

Since the Swedish TT was added and the Lvkv 42 and VEAK 40 came into the game both vehicles has had horrible gun handling. And by that i really mean that the muzzle velocity hinders both vehicles. I have gone all over the forum and made bug reports Finally had one submitted and still, nothing… ive tried to make sure this gets fixed before the Tridon enters the game and gets the same performance…

Ive looked at every update change list issue fixes and other lists and with every list coming back with no fixes for this. I get dissapointed and my hope vanishing further…
At this point ive lost hope.

Seing the AMX-13 DCA and now the Leopard 40/70 even being given the correct L/70 stats its rubs me the wrong way every time i see them. And i get mad even. I despice them for being accurate?

So i wanted to come out and just share this because its been growing inside me. So i guess its out there now… i dont feel any better at all.

So here is my bug report, ig look at it or smtin


Have you made bug reports in the dedicated bug report website?


Its forwarded as a suggestion a while ago

Ah damn that sucks.

Sometimes Gaijin takes so long for bugs that are really not that difficult to fix.

Yea its litteraly just properties, you can just edit them… its not tied to anything.

For real i feel tired of trying

Having access to datamines makes it even easier to see.

All it requires is to change hard coded variables related to specific ammunition in the file of the cannon. That’s it.

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Yea, ive heard that. And it makes me more frustrated

Anybody here up for getting hired by gaijin changing this and quiting?

Not really, but maybe

Gaijin moves at the speed of an iceberg, unfortunately. I don’t know what to do about it or how their process works on fixing issues. Their bug reporting and fixing is highly inconsistent and how they implement and ignore data seems to have no rhyme or reason to it.

Until they get that sorted, I’d like to provide some additional data to our efforts.

Firstly, the m/42B AP round apparently had a ballistic cap, which would further increase it’s armor piercing over range.

Source: Autocannon: A History of Automatic Cannon and Ammunition, by Anthony G Williams. Page 450.

Secondly, some data on the APDS round. From what I gather it was an experimental round made from a modified 37mm Slppr m/49, that we see in the game in the early 37mm armed tanks. The projectile was seated in a new 40mm sabot, which makes data gathering easier. Source.
Since APDS does not use a formula it is difficult to say exactly how this round would perform, but we can say it would be similar to the 37mm APDS in the game (115mm pen), just better due to the higher muzzle velocity (1,150 m/s Vs. 1,200 m/s).
I hope I’ve read everything right when looking up this round, otherwise correct me. :)

Thirdly, the filler amount and type of the Raufoss HE-T in you report is 105g of Comp A4.

Jane’s 2001-2002 have some manufacturer variants of the HE and PFHE rounds: https://ia801300.us.archive.org/9/items/Janes_Ammunition_Handbook/Janes_Ammunition_Handbook.pdf (page 558).

Hope it helps =)


This might also be of interest to you guys :)


It does. That’s why the APDS changes happened.

Problem is Gaijin has not showed what that formula is.

Ah, so I was only half-right then :P

That’s awesome!
So, the APDS has an official pen of 120mm, now we know that!
Interestingly as well, it shows the AP-T round is of the APCBC type. The one in game is just regular.

By the way, would this apply to other vehicles using the L/70 cannon, like the AMX-13 DCA 40?

I’m not sure, to be honest. The french like to do things a bit more their own way usually. You’d have to find some source like an inventory list or ammunition catalogue or something like that to be sure what ammunition they used.
What I can say is that the book I took that from states the projectile was one of the most significant ones used in that cartridge, so it is at least likely.

The APDS round was not experimental its was used in the Lvakan 48 service life while being used to target armoured targets

Source? I’ve never seen any indication that the 37 mm and 40 mm slpprj m/49 rounds ever entered service. The official ammunition catalogues list slpprj m/42 as the only AP ammo for the 40 mm ammo throughout the cold war. Equipping towed AA guns with APDS seems a bit wasteful tbh

Bofors had a marketing video so here ig.
And Slukppj is early Sabot term if im correct

They were certainly made and at least the 37 mm variant was extensively tested, but this doesn’t indicate that either ever entered service. One is a marketing video while the other is referring to a prototype vehicle that never entered service

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