The KV-2 is in it’s worst condition it ever has beens, after Gajin change the ammo loadout of the KV-2 for “balancing” reasons , it has been forgoten it’s unable to use its 152mm and it’s just a worst version of the KV, with the big reload time it is just only a meme vehicle.
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easy fix: use our lord and savior high explosive, comrade. its the only shell youll need for your entire soviet tech tree playthrough



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Jesus christ I have arisen to a new level of spiritual awakening if someone is actually crying about the KV-2

KV-2 cons:
Slow reload
KV-2 pros:
the HE


Bro it had a shell with around 150mm of pen now with the changes the highest pen shell has 86mm, my problem is with the tank is after the nerf it isn’t different from the original KV there is no reason to play this version of the KV

my answer is literally use the HE.
The AP shells, yes, if you pen, they’ll probably kill because ridiculous size. But the HE can overpressure, and has a lot of explosive.

It’s always been a derpy tank, it will continue to be that way.


Using pure HE is criminally low BR 3.7 for it is a joke


better than all of the top tier seething


I do hate top tier.

Joking aside you should try AVRE least you can aim with KV2

All you need is HE.
Just start using HE.
Watch enemies pop.

AVRE is also fine. Just hope you don’t get a map like Maginot, otherwise you’ll turn into an on call artillery piece

The KV-2 should have been 3.3 tank for the longest time.
It’s straigt up worse than the KV-1 (L-11) which easily kills almost every tank the KV-2 can knock out when you aim for weakspots and the 150g TNT more often than not knocks out a tank in one shot but with 5 times the RoF.

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AVRE is fine? like reticle with constant aim HESH that is playing Dice is this same BR with Vidar that have Laser and Thermals with HE that actualy work even 6.0 M109 us better that AVRE get hit in the face not even ERA help you and have double the reload joke.

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When you’re 2.7-3.0 and fighting KV-2s they’re almost impenetrable. Most 2.3 tanks wouldn’t be able to do anything to a 3.3 KV-2 even from the flanks. It’s impossible to even balance the KV-2 because it literally has a 40s reload. Unless the match is 10+ minutes long its impossible to get more than 10 kills in a KV-2. You can easily club a whole team with a KV-1E/B.

The 152mm shell is also very unreliable as well. It either derps or it doesn’t.

I would say the KV-2 ZiS6 is in more of a sore spot. It’s at 5.0 with the KV-2s armor and the 107mm gun is marginally better in penetration than the 85mm gun (just has better filler) with 2x the reload speed.

You can still break the barrel and track him, and wait for someone with more pen to appear to take him out.

Just because a vehicle might not have a good chance in a 1 vs. 1 against the KV-2 doesn’t make the vehicle game breaking.

It was the same story with the 105 Sherman. It has much better mobility than the KV-2 while the front has even more protection. It’s countered by the fact that the 105mm is just not a very effective gun compared to even something like a Soviet 45mm.

If you kill a 2.3 or 2.7 vehicle in a 3.3 KV-2, you didn’t accomplish anything that a 3.0 or other 3.3 wouldn’t have done the same.
I don’t see any scenario where a KV-2 would beat a Pz III L/M in a downtier.

The 105MM Sherman is a menace at 3.0 and derps everything with ridiculous armor that 2.0-2.7 tanks really can’t pen easily. The problem is when you fight 3.7-4.0 is the 105 gun is basically worthless unless you manage to hit them in the right spot to splash the HE shell through their roof armor.

Same issue with the SU-122. It has T-34 armor at 2.7 and derps everything with its gun, but its worthless against 3.3+ tanks.

I took out a KV2 with a 2.3 BR medium tank, horrible amour on the sides of the turret

Literally both SAP rounds pen comparable amount of armor by their filler.
Shooting near roofs will kill any tank around it’s BR.
And they can g through solid objects, unlike HE.