KV-2 (1939) needs to be uptiered

The rank 2 KV (1939) is just missing the machinegun that the rank 3 KV-2 (1940) has. Yet it gains a whole rank because of it,. My suggestion is to make them both tier 3 because they can handle it. it just seems dumb that one is tier 3 because of a machinegun when they both should be tier 3.


They are both 3.7br in AB/RB. Moving one to rank III would only change that KV-2 39 would count towards battlepass and event tasks. It would still face same tanks and matches even at rank III, also where would you put it in tech tree? Its not a better then KV-1S and so you can’t put it after that to rank III.

It is Rank 3 because it was sold as a Rank 3 for money not in game currency. They will not lower a Premium in this way as it would be damaging to allow Gaijin to de-power what Premiums are for.

KV-2 does not need to be Rank 3 in the tech tree, but Premium should never lose its efficiency.

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I think he means KV-2 1940 with 152mm.
That was from event 2016 and 2017 event reward as rank 3.
But yeah they won’t lower it to rank 2 and there is no reason to move 39 to rank 3.

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I basically want them at both Tier 3 because then they would count for the daily challenges and not just one over the other.

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My point to this that the KV-2 (1939) would fit perfectly at a tier 3. I seriously don’t understand why they would have to make you buy a tier 3 premium tank just so you might make sure you can get your daily challenge done for the day.

I mean look how the KV-2 (1940) preforms at tier 3 already, is there really that big of a change between the KV-2 (1939) and the KV-2 (1940).

It is surprising what vehicles are only Tier 2 when trying to do battle pass.Panzer G for Italy is tier 3 where Panzer G Germany is 2 .It’s possible to play for a while trying to do battle pass and not notice.I guess it’s about money.Hoping you will by a premium to get more than one or two tanks at a certain Tier in a certain BR.So for a nice line up at 3-4 BR some vehicles count and others don’t which seems silly.
BP should be open to every Tier.There seems to be nothing to stop newbies buying BP and having no Tier 3 Vehicles,Have I got that right?

While I agree there are other tanks that should retiered, I just focusing on the KV-2 (1939) right now.

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