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Hello, it’s quite simple.
Right-click on the War Thunder icon on your PC desktop.
Raccourci WT

Click on “Open file location”.

Click on the arrow here:

Then right-click on the file “War Thunder”.
Copy WT

Click on “Copy”.

Choose the new drive where you want to install War Thunder.
For example D:\Program Files (x86) (for me it’s on a W:\Mes jeux\War Thunder disk)

Then go back to the War Thunder game icon on your PC desktop.
Right-click, then click on Properties.

Change the path of the War Thunder\launcher.exe file to “Target” and “Start in”.

Using the previous example, this will do the trick:
Target = “D:\Program Files(x86)\War Thunder\launcher.exe”
Start in = "D:\Program Files (x86)\War Thunder
Click on Apply

Double-click on the game icon, go to the launcher, click on the wrench at top right
clé à molette

Click on “Check files”

Then go back to the old location and delete the data.