Kurganets-25: Armored Successor

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125px-Flag_of_Russia_svg.png.cc1107743f2 Kurganets-25: Armored Successor


A Kurganets-25 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.




Top view of the Kurganets-25.


Kurganets-25 layout.


Bumerang-BM Turret w/ Afghanit Active Protection System.


Turret diagram.


UBR11 30mm APFSDS round.


Kurganet-25 Ceramic Addon Armor cutout.


Kurganets-25 Engine Compartment. Note the Armor thickness from the image.


Kurganets-25 IFV imagery. Note the Armor Panels.


Kornet ATGM’s.


Kurganets-25 Transmission Gearbox.

Kurganets-25 - Armata Modular Platform IFV - APC - YouTube

Kurganets-25 promotional video with live-fire.

Episode 20. Kurganets. Combat amphibia #1 - YouTube

Video of how the Kurganets-25 is manufactured/prepared and its capabilities.


It may not be a popular opinion but I think Russia could use a real top tier worthy IFV. Yeah, the Russian top tier lineup is already good, but I wouldn’t complain about an improved support vehicle for the tree. I would like to see top tier worthy IFVs for every nation and Russia is no exception. While the BMP-2M is powerful, this vehicle’s features such as good mobility, unmanned turret and APS make this a true top tier IFV.


At least 10.7 br, may be 11.0. Power/weight 30hp/t, full countermeasures, 500rpm 2a42 with apfsds, most hated Kornet, combine these we get a best light vehicle.

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They really only carry 4 ATGMs total on this huge vehicle?

I’m really hoping to see this vehicle in the game as I love IFVs. I also want to see more top-of-the-line IFVs like the Lynx already in the game

Gaijin would probably make this broken though

Its huge, like most modern AFVs because it uses bulky and heavy armor arrays to defeat modern threats. Interior volume is much smaller.
The loadout is probably what is publicly announced, readily obvious (4x launchers on the turret). Who knows what its actually fitted for. The biggest killers of BMP/BMDs in Ukraine has been because they are packed full of ammo. One of the lesson’s learned is that they don’t need so much, or it needs to be isolated from the squishy bits.

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+1, I wouldn’t mind seeing this one, it’ll be interesting to have IFV with Afganit.