Kulsprg M/90 - CV90 family

I would like to bring up the issue with the kulsprg M/90 in the game, it is underperforming at a rate that should not be viable in neither real life nor in the game. We all know it is a game and pure reality can never exist but this round is suffering which in terms mean that the vehicles using it are suffering, negatively, for now. The round should be working with a higher and more balanced performance liek it used to do in earlier stages of the game.

I am specifically referring to the shells inability to function as intended. Firing at static helicopters or slow moving aircrafts other than some lucky shots are basic functions which works but one of its absolute main areas of expertise is to shoot down incoming missiles, which it have gone trough extensive trials and shown a very high kill rate off in real life but in the game lacks completely.
In the game it is impossible, or close enough to it, to shoot down an incoming missile despite it moving in a freely direct line of sight and i fire my M/90 strait at it with no obstacles and a very good projectile line close to the incoming missile, still not working AT ALL.
This needs to be adressed and fixed since it is one of its main functions. Until we see the Kulsprg m/95 (LK 95) with twice the internal projectiles and newer sensors in the future this one should still function way better than for the moment in game. And for all who played the game a few years back we know that it DID in fact work properly beeing able to shot down missiles, i played the lvkv90 all the time to support my team by shooting down both aircrafts and missiles alike.

This is a issue that are heavily impacting the gameplay negatively of the CV90 vehicles using it and should be adressed.

Thank you for listening to my post, i happily take on any critique or informative response.

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