Kugelblitz needs to have its internal ammo storage at least estimated

Its always annoyed me that the kugelblitz’s ammo storage was just 2 small box’s under the seats of the operators apparently storing 1200 x 30mm ammo. There is just no way at all to fit that much ammo in the available space.

I get that for some of the poorly documented/prototype vehicles in game giajin devs have to just make it up as they go. Atleast apply some common sense.

Zerstorer use’s the same ammo its a open topped more spacious vehicle with ammo drums all over the place. That makes sense 840 shots available in 10 times the space used for the kugelblitz ammo.

The ammo is the weakest point of the vehicles in game. and having impossibly small and hard to hit ammo storage has always given the kugelblitz a really unfair advantage over every other comparable AA gun


To be fair though, the Kugelblitz has been in the game since the Update 1.43 way back in 2014 while the Zestörer is a more recent addition to the game. Inconsistency and unrealistic details are to be expected. But then again, the Flakpanzer 341 or “Coelian” SPAA that was removed and is also an older addition ground vehicle seems to have a visually reasonable visual amount of (1504) ammo for its 37mm Fla.K. 44 cannons when compared to the Ostwind II’s (992).
Nevertheless, I do agree that the ammo visual amount for the Kugelblitz seems really off and even though it would be a massive nerf in survivability it’s better for the sake of realism and consistency of other ground vehicles and I would probably just bug-report it and see where it goes from there.

Yeh i noticed this the other day, compared to any other spaa with the a similar round size those little boxes are laughably small.

I always see it shooting down jets and obliterating tanks at it’s 7.0 b.r. it’s perfect for that german 7.0 bracket that has two tanks you can’t get.