KTO Ryś E8 Too little too late

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  • General Information
    The family of KTO Ryś armored wheeled vehicles originates from WZM (Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne) Nr 5 in Poznań. This vehicle was created as a result of a deep modernization of the OT-64 SKOT armored personnel carrier which Poland used to operate back in Warsaw Pact days. The main changes were the use of the Iveco Cursor engine, semi-automatic transmission, a change in the wheelbase (the middle axles were brought closer together), a reduction in the angles of the armor (it increased the cargo space of the vehicle). Applications for the vehicle include a command vehicle, a fire control vehicle, and a medical vehicle. In this suggestion we are focusing on the version with Rheinmetall Landsysteme E8 turret. In August 2003, WZM Nr 5 proposed a version of the Ryś E8 – a combat vehicle for airmobile troops (transported by Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft), armed with a 30 mm Mauser MK 30 automatic cannon in the German Rheinmetall E8 one-man turret. This vehicle was presented at MSPO in 2003 but the Polish MOD was skeptical about it’s performance. We know that the vehicle was tested but exactly when is unknown. In April 15,2003 the Polish Ministry of National Defense signed a contract to buy 690 Patria AMV’s (known as KTO Rosomak), to be manufactured in Poland with about half of them being fitted with Italian Hitfist 30P turrets. This effectively put an end to this vehicle and made it fell through the cracks of time.

  • Armament + Equipment
    Main: Mauser MK 30-2 machine cannon
    Secondary: 7.62mm machine gun (MG 3 very likely)
    Obra-3 radiation protection system with smoke grenade launchers
    STN Atlas FCS integrated with the commander’s observation device and the turret remote control system
    Fonet internal communication system
    UHF radio station
    UNZ-70 navigation system and IFF Biff self/non-self identification system
    ASS-1 Tafios contamination warning system
    fire and explosion protection system

To quote the official brochure
“The Rheinmetall Landsysteme’s E8 One Man Turret represents a state-of-the-art for present and future armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles. With the 30 mm machine cannon as main armament, a primarily stabilized line of sight and the stabilization of main and secondary weapons, observation and firing on the move is possible by day and by night.
The E8 turret is already prepared to be remote controlled via joystick and monitor. The capability to increase the ballistic protection level by means of adaptive add-on armour, which is easily replaceable and the equipment with spall liner for the turret housing will be required for all modern turret systems in the future.”
Main Advantages
~ Extremely low silhouette of the turret structure (lol)
~ High fire power against all targets
~ Optronic system with CCD - camera, thermal imager, laser range finder
~ Fire control system
~ Two types of ammunition (HE/AP):
select next round/next type
~ Mechanical emergency mode for aiming and firing

  • Specifications

    Length: 7430mm
    Width: 2500mm
    Height: 2915mm
    Ground clearance: 400mm
    Mass: 17500kg - 19000kg
    Max speed: 100km/h
    Swimming speed: 9-10km/h
    Range: 500km
    Crew: 3
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Part of the tests where the hulls behavior in water was tested and the other part when it was driven inside C-130 Hercules are featured in this Youtube video

  • Pictures


+1 for Poland

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+1 for Germany or Poland

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Why not? It’s a German turret. And there is already one Polish vehicle in the German tech tree.

I think Marder 2 and old PUMA would be a better option for Germany. From what I remember both had the E series turrets installed on them as well. Not to mention the fact that this thing is bigger than Ratel.

Well, we already have a Puma, and given the state that it’s currently in, the prospect of getting another one isn’t exactly thrilling. Marder 2 is a different beast entirely, even more so if they give it its 50 mm cannon.

And if it did come to the German tech tree, it would be either as an event or premium.

By Puma im referring to this vehicle. They really shouldn’t have a problem in this case cause those are two different vehicles

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Oh, gotcha

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